Year in Monzo 2020

:eyes: is this happening this year?


As all my spend was on Amex or Amazon Mastercard, it will be of little interest or benefit to me this year.

I wonder how many will have similar experience.


I just dismiss it, just a gimmick I’ve no interest in. I know where my money’s gone without needing a graphic about it. I’m sure it’ll delight others though.


I think it would be useful, if only to show the change in year. Suspect most people will be maxing out on supermarkets or amazon spend.


I don’t know if I want to see my year in Monzo this year.

“You didn’t leave a 3 mile radius from your house!”
“You were in the top 1% of loo roll purchasers!”
“Greggs and McDonalds were your top 2 retailers”


“You eated out to help out 27 times this year.”

(Well there’s got to be at least one new and unusual use of English for us to argue about :sweat_smile:)


Don’t. It’ll be like frauded all over again. I’m not sure @BritishLibrary has recovered yet.

Is this your equivalent of insider trading, since you know where it is in the supply chain?


Definitely a bit gimmicky but it does tell me stuff I didn’t know or at least hadn’t thought about before

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Did somebody say f r a u d e d?!


Predicted Year in Monzo for me:

“You spent quite a lot with Just Eat”
“You now spend £15 per month for Premium”
"Otherwise we have no idea what you are up to because you use a Joint account to pay for things’


It’s ate!

There’s no debate this time, surely. Who has ever said eated?!

(I’m half expecting a reply referencing increased usage of it on Twitter.)

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It’s a bit of fun ! Bring it on!
30% of outgoings on masks due to forgetting at home
30% of outgoings on art, because I’ve finally looked at my walls
30% of outgoings on bulbs, because Corona
10% of outgoings on the beginning of a mid life crisis, but halted at 10% because a mid life crisis isn’t fun in 2020 so postponed to 2021

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I’m sure everyone would have a few of those, along with “you’ve eaten out a lot less than last year”, “you’ve seen more of Amazon this year” and definitely a reduction in holiday spending abroad!

Oh no…

Did you look that up while you eated your breakfast?

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Just cancelled plus, asked me why and there is an option “does not support joint accounts”. I’m sure if we all do this then they’ll speed up implementing it :thinking:

According to the announcement topic it would seem like they’re breaking up for Christmas. Hopefully they’ll all comback refreshed and raring to go.

I’ve spent so much on bulbs! I’ve been trying to chase down the “perfect colour temperature” for my WFH station.

I must have tried at least 5 different “daylight white” bulbs and none of them cut it.

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haha I meant flower bulbs, but I too have an interest in different light bulb temperatures - LIT convo - get it…

I love hue bulbs :stuck_out_tongue:

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