Will the different colour cards still be a thing when Monzo Plus is re-launched. I hope not

Stick to Coral, why diminish the brand!?


Hot Coral was a choice with Plus

What happens if they provide a completely new and unique option, would you see that as diminishing the brand as well? :thinking:

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Personally, I think all Monzo cards should be Hot Coral except for the metal one if it launches.

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What is special about the metal card that means it’s not going to diminish the brand if it’s not Hot Coral?


Keep the metal card metallic.

it’s going to be white

Is it? I know the prototype was but I thought they’d scrapped it.


Metal means metal

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Colour is not a consideration for me - A metal card will mean not having to constantly do a freeze and replace because the digits have rubbed off in my Wallet!

If Monzo Plus stick to Hot Coral - Bye bye Monzo then.

I cannot understand why the colour of the card is in any way shape or form important. Frankly, it could be purple with green spots and I would still use it.

I even know someone who ordered the Bunq card “because they liked the colour” - never mind the €10 fee for the card, €1 per withdrawal and charges for loading it - “it looks nice”. Facepalm


It’s just a colour, couldn’t care less

Some people do care about the colour, like me. Nothing wrong with that. And I personally think the coral colour is horrendous.

Giving people some choices is not the end of the world.

I think all cards should have a hot coral part of it

More than just the core of it


I like my blue plus card :muscle:t6:

I think McDonalds should change their logo to a Z because I don’t really like the letter M.