Card Design / Colour

The ‘hot coral’ colour of the standard Monzo card is what makes it distinct! I really like it. However, if I upgrade to Plus, I get a standard blue card, which looks more like a Revolut basic card, and is not very distinct. Monzo are missing out on something here from a design perspective. Why not have a Plus or Premium card but still ‘hot coral’ and perhaps metal or simply with a more premium feel, which still remains uniquely and distinctly Monzo. Or you could have a white / off-white that also partially has ‘hot coral’ colour also. I feel by removing the colour all together, you lose a bit of what Monzo is.

I do kinda miss the coral now with my Plus card. I don’t think it looks bad though.

Apparently they tried to make a coral metal card and the paint just flakes off

Although the colour and design is aesthetically similar, I promise you the Monzo card is quite distinct from it, and I like it more.

I hope they keep working on that with the same level of persistently Apple did with white iPhones. Otherwise we’d never have all the colour options we have today! If Apple can make a coral aluminium iPhone that’s durable enough, I’m sure Monzo’s crack team of metallurgists can do it too!

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I agree, but I would imagine Apple spend a tad more on R&D!

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Do you have to? It might have changed, but back when I upgraded to Plus, I kept the coral card.

Nope. I believe you get the choice of keeping your coral card still.

When you order a replacement you can switch too.

Do you know if the coral replacement in plus is like the holographic one? No embossing or data printed on the front?

No sorry I don’t. I have the Plus one and haven’t needed to replace it yet.

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Its a standard Hot Coral card.

When I was on Plus, I ordered a replacement Hot Coral card prior to when I planned to downgrade from Plus to Free. When the ‘normal’ Hot coral card arrived I cancelled Plus and the app tried to force me to order a new card. I force crashed the Monzo app (removing the forced prompt) and activated the Hot Coral card. That’s the one I still use now.

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I miss the hot coral too. I have a standard account and just received my replacement card as the old one expired.
It’s orange.


Chagrin and disappointment. I loved the old one but I hate orange. It’s a Sainsbury card now. No no no.

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Thanks all. I think my main point is that there should be a ‘premium feel’ coral coloured card for the Plus subscribers, that remains uniquely Monzo, with the coral colour, but that is a step up from the regular card. Appreciate we could continiue to use the Basic coral card, but then it doesn’t feel worth the extra money. And I don’t think the blue holographic card feels special in any way. Again, I think Monzo marketing / product teams are missing a trick here.

Ahh ok. In that case this has already been suggested, be sure to search and vote for it.

Also, to cover the other base as well… They’ve already said that they can’t produce a coral metal card.