Monzo Plus Card Replacment

If you order a replacement card as Monzo Plus customer can you change the colour of the card?

Hey Danny, I’m afraid not - the replacement ordered would be the same colour. However, if you drop us a message through the in-app chat we can look into changing it for you.

Thanks Simon

Not looking to do this just yet still love the hot coral but was just interested to know.

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I know I’ve said this before but I kinda wish the only card colour available was hot coral. It is so distinctive and you just know it is Monzo. Yes the other blue cards are nice but they don’t come close to the hot coral.

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I originally picked midnight blue but it really loses that distinctive Monzo feel (and yes hot coral is definitely more common now than ever, but I wanted something different with Plus). I’ve opted for a Lagoon Blue now as some sort of compromise/middle ground as it’s bright and bold too. Chat support as helpful as ever when I asked :ok_hand:


When I ordered a replacement a while ago I was given the option in the app to choose a new plus colour or go back to investor.

That’s the benefit of having a joint account, I have both colours :crazy_face:


I went for the lagoon blue - it’s nice, but I miss the coral :pensive: (luckily my joint acc card is :grin::rocket:)

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