Monzo Premium Card Colours?

I think i saw a discussion a about the colour of the Premium Debit Card but couldn’t find an open topic / discussion.

It would be really cool if Monzo did a take on Hot Coral for a metal card colour choice as an idea, what are your thoughts community?

They tried it but it didn’t work, apparently. They couldn’t find a manufacturer who could produce a good enough quality hot coral metal card


There’s loads of threads about the colour of cards. It does seem a shame they couldn’t make coral word for Premium.

I didn’t notice this. If they could it would of been amazing. Hats off to Monzo for not realising something they couldn’t get perfect :blush:. We might see some more colour options in the future when they see how profitable Premium is and if they can get a good deal with the manufacturer.

Corimium cards for Plustomers?

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I have been considering buying hot coral from Cucu but would be nice if it was an option from Monzo for the metal card.

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Have you found away to design the sticker so it cuts out the Monzo logo?

I haven’t looked into it properly as of yet it was an idea I was considering. I have seen cucu advertised a lot though. :smirk:

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Except Plus, Plus 2, Plus 3, coral cards that are all the wrong colour, payee management, merchant logos, where do I continue?

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Hold the front page: Monzo isn’t perfect. More important news as we get it.

You don’t normally need help to find things to complain about. Just stick with what you know.


I think i failed with that sentence, sure they have made their mistakes. In fact just out of curiosity did you sign up to the original plus accounts?

If you did what are your opinions compared to the new iterations?
I’m interested because there was a lot of issues from what a read with the OG plus options but i never subscribed to the legacy plans