Make the cards metal!

We already get so much attention for the bright pink colour so let’s get some more!
As you can see, I’ve recently watched the documentary Fyre Festival and seeing the magnises card and I think the Monzo card should also be metal. Like, request only, I’d happily pay for it to be metal so it makes a nose whenyku put it down on the bar!


Watching that same Fyre festival documentary, it was not really the card that stuck with me


I thought the food was excellent :woozy_face:


Hot Coral


Hot coral metal card :wink:

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It would definitely have to keep the hot coral features, but could be a nice premium add-on for those who want one.

Oh most definitely can’t lose the colour!!! But would love the metal as an option


Not a priority IMO - also not sure why everyone is so obsessed with metal cards at the moment?! Given as I think most of us use Apple/Android pay? Rarely touch my card these days…


Likewise, I just don’t get it


The only reason id go for a metal card is if it meant the quality of the printing on it improved.

Main issue with current card is within a month my numbers seem to go all dynamo and vanish into the background!

My Amex doesn’t do this. The problem with the Monzo cards is that they’re cheap and nasty.

Revolut offered me a metal card which I liked the look of, until I found I had to pay for it! Not really worth it when it sits in my wallet most of the time.

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Does it really matter that much though, bearing in mind you can now get them from the app? Would you pay a monthly fee for a metal card?

one off reasonable fee yes, monthly fee no

What would be reasonable, in your eyes, for a bit of metal?

I’d be willing to pay up to £10 as a one off personally.

Hate that my camera cant automatically pick up the numbers on my card because theyve wore away already after… i think 4 months?

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Agreed with that, but I believe Monzo are looking into non-embossed cards so that should sort that. I’m with you on the £10 - anything above that would be silly.

I would prefer the same style cards that Curve have, with the number embossed on the back.

‘Hot Coral Metal’ sounds like a genre of music I would like to be into.


I wonder how long it will be, once all banks only provide metal cards, before someone demands to be allowed to pay extra for a plastic card? :joy: