Will my old card still work if I order a new one?

Title says it all really. My cards getting a bit knackered and the card stripe is pretty worn; if I order a new card will I be able to continue using this one until the new one arrives? Thanks

Yes you can :+1:



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Oh look, it’s Saturday :grinning:



And there it is…:smirk:



Just out of interest, would you freeze the card then replace and then unfreeze? Don’t want to try it but just interested if I ever needed to. Would Apple Pay be affected?

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You don’t need to freeze it.

I’m the manage card button on iOS you get these options

For a replacement due to damage it keeps working. I think if you report it stolen it freezes and so disconnects from Apple Pay, but I’m not sure if you can unfreeze it (I think you can but I don’t want to test it :sweat_smile:)

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