Having card problems, anyone else?

(James) #1

I seem to have intermittent card faults, some touch readers don’t seem to want to recognise my card and yesterday one reader wouldn’t recognise touch or pin, anyone else have this problem or is my card faulty?


I’ve not had this problem, I would recommend contacting the team through the in app chat and they can let you know if a new card is the best route.

(James) #3

I suspect that’s the way forward but don’t want to freeze my card to order a replacement so near to Xmas, I’ll go back to my old Halifax card until January then order a replacement.
I just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same issues.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #4

If you order a card now it’ll probably arrive by Monday.

(Edward) #5

IIRC you can continue to use your current card until you activate the new one.

(James) #6


I can not see how to order a replacement card without first ‘freezing’ the one I already have. Could someone point me in the right direction?


(Edward) #7

Contact customer support directly (in the app, under ‘Help’, click ‘I still need help’ at the bottom), explain the problem you are having, and ask them to send a new card.

(James) #8

Thanks everyone, new card requested.

All the best


(Hugh Wells) #10

Hmm, this is very odd.

Could you DM me your email so I can take a look into this please?

(James) #12


I forgot to authorise my new card.
Hopefully all sorted now