Why is my Apple Pay suspended?

Just gone to use Apple Pay this morning and I’m presented with this message. I’ve had no prior notification from Monzo and my physical card continues to work. Lucky I had it with me, not impressed.

Is anyone else having issues or is this specific to me only?

Get on chat and ask the staff whats going on

Already have :wave:t3: awaiting a response.

Did you try removing the card and adding it again?

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I haven’t (yet) out of principle, I shouldn’t really have to :man_shrugging:t2: Interested to see what COps say first.

If your card frozen in the app?

Nope, you also get an Apple Pay notification and different message when you do freeze your card.

Have you recently upgraded the iOS? That can kick out cards sometimes.

The standard advice here is to delete and re-add.

Nope, not recently and that is the first time I’ve heard anyone suggest that.

I have 8 cards in my Wallet on iOS & MacOS and have used Apple Pay since it’s inception —this is the first time I’ve experienced this specific issue/message. Deleting it and re-adding it worked, but that is besides the point I feel.

Anyway, all seems to be well again now :+1:t3:

Very strange - I don’t think I’ve come across this error before. Hopefully we can dig up some info via the in-app chat.

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I know, right! I’m waiting a response from a specialist. Would be interested to hear if they can find any info on what was causing it :credit_card:

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Did you use find my iPhone recently?

No — but even if that was the case and Apple Pay was disabled, you’d get a different message to that posted above normally.

An update for those who are wondering how things went!

It seems I may have accidentally frozen my card and quickly defrosted it afterwards, but Apple Pay didn’t reactivate on defrosting as it normally does. A first for me I must admit! :eyes:

…and I stand corrected on the last part of this point it seems.


I’ve done the same thing but with Google Pay. It happened when I froze and unfroze the card in app a few times in quick succession. Freezing, waiting and unfreezing the card sorted it in my case. Or I may have re-added the card, I can’t remember :see_no_evil:

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Happy to know I’m not the only one :joy:

Phew! Glad this got figured out.


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Good of you to come back on here and let us all know how you got on. I am a new user of Apple Pay and have to say I love it. Awaiting Apple Card and Apple Cash now… R-

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It’s great isn’t it :smiley: I rarely use my physical card at all these days.

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