Will it ever get smarter to just use a prefix and match?

(James Murray-Ferris) #1

Will incoming payments ever be smart enough to realise my incoming pay is all from one place. Every month I have to suggest a logo and suggest a name change!

Btbpayd so why can’t we simply match on that to my updates of logos and name change. It can’t be the only one that does this??


We’ve just been talking about this over here:

(Jai Sullivan) #3

@jrmurray86 Fellow BT Group person who’s frustrated by the same issue :wave:t3::joy:

(James Murray-Ferris) #4

Did it take you 3 weeks to swap your salary over because Monzo wasn’t in the list of banks? :joy:

(Jai Sullivan) #5

Didnt have any issues thankfully! Only fully switched over 3-4 months ago though :blush:

(James Murray-Ferris) #6

It took me sooooooo long! Had to ring the Helpdesk and had to send proof of account and all sorts

Oh I moved over during the preview of the current accounts so I may have been the first one

(Rika Raybould) #7

I’ll see what I can do about this when I’m back at work. We have a lot of smarts at this point but this one looks to have fooled it by not having any separators for it to work on (spaces, dashes, etc.) so I’ll have to write a manual rule. :grimacing:

(James Murray-Ferris) #8

:smile: much appreciated!

(Jai Sullivan) #9

Thanks so much, @Rika :slight_smile:

(James Murray-Ferris) #10

Thanks @Rika I think you’ve written this as my expenses came through this morning and instead of the normal confusing name it just says BT :smile:

(Jai Sullivan) #11

So this has been sorted now?

Many thanks @Rika, I’ll keep an eye out next pay day.

(James Murray-Ferris) #12

(Jai Sullivan) #13

Hey @Rika, unfortunately my pay is showing on my feed (due to be paid tomorrow) and its not showing properly with correct name and logo etc . :frowning_face: It still showing with the reference/name as outline in this thread.

(Jai Sullivan) #14

How much sweet talking does one have to do to get a custom rule written for this? :grin: My payroll has just recently changed slightly (although in the same company) and the same problem persists due to no spacing/separators. I’ve tried and there is no chance of being able to amend this reference (to include a separator) my employers side unfortunately.

(Daniel) #15

I have the same issue with Deezer, have to cancel the subscription on the previous charge and recreate it when then the new charge goes through to keep my summary from being messed up.

(James Murray-Ferris) #16

See I would have thought that was easy as it has a space in it. I’m sure @Rika could fix that one pretty quick

(Jai Sullivan) #17

I think this may be a slightly different issue, but I agree, still annoying. I switched fully to Monzo around six months ago now and it would be great just to see my salary looking properly for once when paid :slightly_frowning_face: Don’t think I would have switched if I had known what I know now.

(Rika Raybould) #18

Fixing Deezer now. :musical_note:

Salary payments are a little different to writing rules for card payments but I’ll see what can be done.

We don’t need the space as a separator when it’s a custom rule. At worst, we can regex our way around. :+1:

(Excited about Christmas) #19

Wow - really? What did your old bank do about it?

(Jai Sullivan) #20

Thanks Rika, I appreciate you looking into it and sorry for keeping on! As I said, the first part of the reference (that usually doesn’t change) has changed slightly to the one posted above due to a payroll change/reorg, so let me know if you need any new information from me. It won’t be changing format again in future thankfully.