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Loving the current account! Particularly excited for some of the new features - looking forward to savings pots etc. I have a couple of questions after my first full week of use.

I was just wondering whether Monzo might consider users being able to edit initials for payees? This is an issue in the current account if, for example, you wish to pay a ‘MR J BLOGGS’, as the initials come up as ‘MJ’ rather than ‘JB’. Alternatively, of course, Monzo could allow users to edit the recipient name used when making a payment to something different when displayed in the app itself. Have any of you seen ways in which Monzo is attempting to resolve this issue?

Secondly - and this is more of a personal preference - I think it would be a great feature to be able to add a company logo to a payment received from your company. Initials are not particularly helpful for companies, especially companies with more than 2 words, and I think it could be cool to have a logo for incoming payments in the same way that it’s nice to see logos for all our high-street transactions etc. Is anyone else keen on this idea/has anyone heard whether Monzo have considered it?

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I think (I stress I think) that incoming payments will at some point be passed through the same process that debit card payments are so will get all the lovely enriched data like maps, or a minimum company logos.

I think the same thing is going to happen to the recurring payments do Direct Debits etc. (With more friendly names etc.)

In regards to bank transfers that is an interesting one as some will be contacts (so assume yet again that it will work like it used to and pull the contact photo from your phone) but then again some of them are organisations so yer would be good to add logos :thinking:

This whole post is an assumption and we all know what happens when you assume :man_shrugging:

I would also like customisation of the incoming payments, particularly for Faster Payments from other banks. I’ve transferred money into my Monzo CA from two other of my accounts, and each of them appear differently due to the formatting the sending bank applies (e.g. “LASTNAME FIRSTNAME” and some combination of title, initials, no spaces, etc.). It would be good to clean these up some how, maybe by linking them to a contact on my phone.

I also think we need to be able to add notes to incoming payments. I feel like I’ve seen somewhere that this will come, but can’t now find it.

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Yes being able to add a picture/logo and change the name would make selecting a payee very easy and much faster.

Agreed. Pictures, photos or symbols are much faster for us to recognise and identify than reading words.

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