Inconsistent direct debit names / logos

New month and direct debits come out this morning. Two of them have lost their previously enriched name and logo, but the direct debit hasn’t changed. Previous months are still intact.

Anyone else experiencing this? (Either reply below or hit the vote button).

Water and DVLA by any chance?

Mine changed from “Southern Water Ser” to “Southern Water” today. That’s actually better probably, cuts off the part that didn’t make much sense. I’m guessing it should be services? Gave my spreadsheet a little headache this morning, but easily solved.

DVLA also added my reg to the name of the direct debit too. Can’t understand that one. It’s always just been DVLA but now is dvla-myreg

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No, it was my mortgage and an insurance provider.

One of them is okay, because it still has the name in and I can search on it. The other one is just initials which will make it pretty difficult to find.

DVLA started adding ‘-myreg’ to transactions for MrsW’s car back in July for us.


Noticed the same on mine as well

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Same here! Our water direct debit has changed, and a life insurance one.

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LV= has changed to Lv Life

Now does not appear if you click on “Number of payments”


I’ve got the same problem. The number of payments is correct, but when you tap into it it searches by the new name, not bringing up any of the old ones.

Tagging @AlanDoe to see if there’s a problem or if he can report it. :pray:


Didn’t Starling have a similar problem recently? Is there anything similar they do?

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I’m having the same issue. The meta data for my bills this month are not consistent with the data that’s been in place for the past 18 months.

Note the new colours:


I’ve tapped like but I really don’t like what I’m seeing :scream:


Ooh ooh I bet blue is mortgage!

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Oh yeah. I look at my dashboards so often that I forget that it isn’t necessary obvious to others what the charts mean haha. This is a bar chart showing total spend per month for all of the purchases categorised as “bills”, split by merchant name. So each tower is a different month and each section of the tower is a different merchant. The towers are generally consistent in colour because I don’t change mortgage provider etc very often. This month the merchant details are busted so they are recognised as “new” merchants and given new colours.

@robsug yep, its mortgage then car payments, council tax, utilities etc.


Same here, HSBC changed to gibberish with no logo, LV= changed to Lv Life but retained its logo.

Yep same here, Mercedes Financial Services and Legal & General both broken today for me. Interestingly my Three direct debit on the 28th was fine…

My Aviva life and English heritage haven’t changed and my dvla has always had my reg number in the name

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And I’ve noticed that a whole bunch of direct debits have the wrong category. Something’s funky…


@Dan5 have you broken something again?

Not me! But somebody on staff has also noticed this and shared this internally so I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of it :crossed_fingers:


Hopefully it’s because they’re shifting to a new merchant data system which includes crowd sourced info :eyes::eyes: