Rename a payment made to Monzo account?

Hi! I wondered if it’s possible to rename a payment made into a Monzo account to make it more identifiable when searching through previous payments in the future?

Thanks in advance for any help :slightly_smiling_face:



This is something I’d also like to see. The ability to add notes in the same way as outgoing transactions.
Couldn’t find any response to if this is in the pipeline via search.


I’d just like the option to beautify any transaction coming in (including adding a logo for my salary).

I also think it would be great if we could group bank accounts under one contact, rather than having KENDREW AS (for example, if I make a transfer from NatWest) etc cluttering up the feed.


Definitely needed - although I’m starting to use tags, all my transactions - including historic ones that would take ages to go back through and tag have emojis to help me search them.

If someone transfers from a legacy, or doesn’t follow the link I send them and instead just does a Monzo to Monzo payment of their own, I can’t then include this in my searches :sob:

Same for outgoing if you bank transfer to a legacy. Can’t include tags or emoji, so would be nice to be able to go back and add these in a note to the transaction

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Thanks for the responses guys.

Does anyone else know if it will ever be possible to rename the reference of a payment made by another person in to a Monzo account?

I have edited the references in the Android app

:grinning: thanks Richard, you’re right - using an Android phone I’ve been able to go in and edit he reference of a payment.

I went back to my iOS app and the change was reflected instantly.

I’m an iOS so I hope for me and any other iOS users that may want to rename payments in future, this feature is made available.

Thanks Richard and anyone else who responded!