Why won't our Monzo cards work in Santorini, Greece,

Hi Team,

We are currently out in Santorini, Greek islands, we have been here two days now and not once has our Monzo cards worked, luckily we had our Tandem credit cards to help out

Has anyone got a solution to this, maybe a setting that needs to turn on?

Feeling stranded.

Hey, seems strange. You’re best to speak to someone in app to help you with this!

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Thanks @harryru, I will do

But do let us know!

I will, hopefully the support wait time are not so bad this week. :neutral_face:

I hope this has been resolved for you.

If not, two possibilities occur to me.

  1. You may have accidentally frozen your card in app
  2. Your card may have been cancelled due to a data breach (I’m specifically thinking BA here, but there may be others).

It’s worth checking the first, just in case. If it’s the second, calling them may be quicker than in app chat. They should be able to courier a new card to you toute suite.

Have you tried withdrawing cash with and without the mag stripe on?

Hey Kyle! That doesn’t sound right :thinking:

Definitely hit us up via the in-app chat so we can investigate. Hopefully it’s an easy fix :crossed_fingers:

I’m not aware of any wide scale issue with Greece or Santorini myself but we will certainly investigate!


Yup we have both tried withdrawing cash too, we switched ATM withdrawal within the app, no luck.

I reached out to support this morning, they have said that it may simply be sure to the merchant not accepting MasterCard, however the woman did say that she prides herself on her machine accepting all cards.

We are off out now to try again, we are being brave and optimistic. Pray for us, otherwise tonight we dine on a feral kitten :plate_with_cutlery:️:scream_cat::yum::sob::crying_cat_face::greece:


I’m so gutted, we went back into Fira town and went to Alpha Bank where it clearly stated they accepted Master card. Still spat out both our cards and said they were invalid.

I’m really not sure what to do now. Tried reaching out to monzo, no luck. Come on Monzo, our good time is literally in your hands. :hourglass::hourglass_flowing_sand:

The ATM withdrawal really ought to have worked. Even when there’s possible merchant acceptance issues, ATMs should usually work. That’s indicating a possible deeper issue to me.

I’m on a train right now somewhere between Cardiff and Birmingham with my laptop all packed up, so I can’t jump on too easily to pick this up.

@KyleRisi - please open another support chat, mark it as urgent and let them know that multiple merchants and ATMs are all rejecting the card outright. If support can’t see what is going on then ask them to escalate please!

Can you also possibly check the Mastercard ATM locator on their website and see if it comes up with anything near you and try that ATM?


Okay I will do this now

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Still no luck,

monzo weren’t much help either when I reached out. It’s disappointing knowing that I may or may not be able to rely on Monzo on future travels. :disappointed_relieved:

Hmmm. Most people seem to have reasonable luck in Greece

Even Santorini gets mentioned in the Greece thread

Not sure whats going on here tbh


How many Monzo cards don’t seem to be working?

Faulty card, maybe?

I doubt that’s the case, it works great in the UK and Belgium. And also it’s both me and my partner having the same issue. :neutral_face:

It was off the back of this post that I decided to just take my monzo and a credit card. :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t suppose it’s a joint account card that isn’t working is it?

Nope, it’s our personal Monzo accounts. I didn’t bring our joint accounts with us unfortunately, so I am unable to test it out