Why won't our Monzo cards work in Santorini, Greece,

How strange.

2 X Personal accounts not working screams more of the location you are in rather than a Monzo issue though.

I don’t suppose your other cards are MasterCard as well are they?

They are actually, we use Tandem Credit Card and while we haven’t attempted a cash withdrawal, it works great for spending.

Surely both your Monzo cards can’t have the same issue to cause them to fail, unless there was an issue with the accounts?

Sounds very strange, but good luck getting it sorted (luckily you brought another card!)

I think they’re just rubbing it in that they’re in Santorini :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Have you got Monzo location based security active? And is your gps accurate? I wonder if it’s something around that

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Yes indeed it is lucky. Hopefully we will get it sorted. The support team are now looking into it. But it has made me cautions about soley relying on Monzo in the future until I can be reassured this won’t happen again, still love monzo nevertheless. :crossed_fingers:

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I don’t think that option is available on Android, can anyone verify?

Ah, sorry, then. I can’t think of anything else. Have you tried Google Pay?

Ah sorry didn’t know that! :flushed:

Interestingly enough, monzo support juts asked me if the last 4 digita on my card and in the app we’re the same, they are not. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? Is everyone else’s the same between the card and in the app?

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Mine are.

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Mine are the same as well

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And mine. That’s very odd. You didn’t get new cards and have accidentally taken the old ones with you?


Yup it turns out Adam and I have both taken our old Joint accounts which have since been deactivated, with us instead of our current Monzo cards!!! Doh! :joy::rofl:, What’s worse is that I think I have cut up the wrong card! Argh.


:joy: :see_no_evil: at least that solves the mystery!


I know right. I’m so glad it was my fault and not Monzos!! I feel so stupid! What are the chances that both of us have done the same thing!! :joy::joy::joy::rofl:


Very small I suspect. I hope it doesn’t ruin the trip completely.

It shouldn’t do, I have a a credit card thankfully :grin:

Monzo should be able to send new cards by courier. :+1:

Also, for one time only - I was (sort of) right :eyes:

:joy: everyone gets one!