Why we made a mistake with customer support (and how we fixed it)

Over the last few months you might’ve had to wait longer than usual for a response from customer support. We’re really sorry. Here’s what happened and what we’ve done to fix it.


Thanks for the insight! Great to see what happens behind the scenes as always.


Great and justified explanation! :slight_smile:


Wicked post! Love to see that this was shared :blush::hot_coral_heart:


It’s refreshing to see a company admits it’s failings, and present solutions.

I’d be interested in what the analysis shows, while more boots on the ground is definitely a solution. Being able to hot fix issues before they are wide spread is much more valuable


This is GREAT!!

Great nice insights :grinning:

Fab to hear what you’ve been up to and also to hear how many staff you’ve hired.
I have a couple of questions, I applied back in October but was unsuccessful, the feedback I eventually got was that my responses were not as critically thought out as others were. I’m curious as to what you are looking for exactly, and if it would be worth applying again?
The reason I ask is that you talk about empathy being an important quality that you look for, this runs in my veins :wink: I’m sure this would have come through In my interview.
Are you still hiring? Should I still try again and how long should I leave it? Is there anything that I should know that would help improve my chances?
As an early Monzo user I’d love the opportunity to work with you guys, I love how progressive and transparent you are.
Thanks :grinning:


On the timing front, previous staff responses on the forum have recommended a minimum of 6 months between applications. I’m afraid I can’t help with the other things.

This might be a good thread to ask that sort of question in:

Unrelated to the absolutely spectacular job of queue bashing you all did, but how did you end up graphing your support queue? Are those metrics exposed via your CS platform?

Not a fan of some of the wording on this. But good to see nonetheless.

I believe there was a discussion (albeit amongst non Monzo staff) about having the sizes of the queue and the response time public and tracked like the service availability.

Could/should this ever happen?

Everybody’s talking about hiring, but what about people leaving (churn)? Can you give insights?

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That’s not true because customer support can’t be reached on phone. It tells you the same thing (busy because of high call rate) no matter when you call. And whoever you speak to on the chat don’t seem to know nothing, instead they tell you will be contacted as soon as possible by someone (never happened).

Hello and welcome to the community :wave:

You’ve commented on quite an old topic so I don’t think the issues and solutions discussed will be related to what you’re experiencing.

Either way, I can imagine that it is frustrating not getting a timely response. Have you managed to sort the problem you were having?

No, not yet. Can’t get through to them through phone and online chat staff can’t help. So I guess I have to wait until someone contacts me (just like they told me three days ago).

That sucks :cry: I assume you’ve send another message asking for an update since you’ve already been waiting 3 days?

The only other avenue of support is by emailing help@monzo.com, so you could try that too?

Yea, everyday.Until I hear something