3 Hours for Chat Support

I’ve used Monzo chat support before and had a great experience, really quick and responsive. Today is totally different, I sent my first message 3 hours ago and I’ve only just got an initial reply, and been placed in a separate queue.

I went Full Monzo 3 months ago, is this normal service standards now?


Yep, completely normal. Welcome to Monzo :partying_face:


Was your question particularly urgent?

It’s not urgent, it’s a change to the account. But if I went into my old Bank branch, I wouldn’t expect to wait one a queue for three hours, then move to another.

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It isn’t normal. Although wait times have increased as the customer base has grown. Support are under heavy stress at the moment due to a couple of new feature releases and the new navigation.

It should settle down once COps get back on top of it.


I was just about to write this :joy: my last message took 23 hours to get a reply!

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well I’m in another queue… let’s see how long this one takes.

Yes, it is, as new threads on a daily basis show.

Hopefully they can get a grip on it soon. I would also hope, to my own detriment, that new users are prioritised right now so that new signups don’t just abandon their accounts quickly. I don’t agree with it, but it makes business sense.


Posted on one of the many other ‘Lack of Support’ threads.


I don’t think it is coincidence that there are numerous discrete threads concerning this issue, if you search the boards. A lot of posts but little response from the powers that be, or moderators.

Hope you get sorted.

I created a thread also mate 3 hours? i’ve waited almost 6 days.

First concern was raised thursday > was told its been esclated monday get a response saying oh shes gonna esclate it again?

Its a flipping joke im getting so pissed off as its in relation to a dispute its a bloody joke now never had an issue with monzo but if this carries on starlings the choice ffs.


I was told 3 hours last night. It’s just ticked over to the 10th hour. Maybe they scanned my query and know I want to cancel Monzo Plus and want a refund so they’re shoving me to the bottom of the queue

The totally reasonable wish to cancel Monzo Plus could be one of the big drivers of the current wait times tbh. There are many, many people currently wanting to do exactly that.

Yes, but the estimated time should be based off people in front of me, not the total volume of people messaging, and should be fairly accurate.

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I started a chat on thursday to get something sorted on my account… still haven’t got a proper response, just that I will be passed onto a specialist twice, it’s been 6 days now…

I know they are under strain but they have also been pushing the growth heavily so should have been better prepared for it!


Trying to cancel my plus account - 11 hour wait time. You must be joking.

@Monzo - Put an option to cancel in the app - this is ridiculous.


Same issue but over 12 hours now. I’ve had it and off to one of the competitors. Monzo should have put a cap on new accounts until they had the infrastructure to manage them.


I don’t think that would be a good business move. It will likely exacerbate the issue because you’d be giving people more things to complain about.

Isn’t why they ended paid referrals though? As a way to control the sign up numbers a bit

Dunno :man_shrugging: I don’t think they gave a reason for closing paid referrals did they?