No UK hours support?

(Diana) #1

I’ve been trying to reach customer support for 3 days and they only reply at night, on US hours. Disappointing! :frowning:

(Ross) #2

@dianad that’s strange, the guys are normally very quick at replying. I know there is a backlog. You could maybe try emailing them instead?

(Josh Bray) #3

They have people on 24/7. And will answer in UK office hours quicker since they are based in London

(Diana) #4

Thanks, will email. I’ve been using the chat support for 3 days and they’ve only replied at night and can’t locate my money for bearly a week now :frowning:

(Alexander Skeith) #5

Customer Support seems to have dropped off a cliff. I’ve had fraudulent activity on my card - which is now useless because it’s perma-frozen - and have tried to pursue it on three separate occasions within the app’s support chat function.

Only… the support staff seem to lose interest after a while and stop replying - with no resolution, or next steps offered.

Tried calling but it just rings out.

(Josh Bray) #6

As stated above use the email contact

(Tom ) #7

It’s an issue that I believe they are starting to focus on. They are looking at weaknesses and ways to improve support and its delivery.

@emma_mondo - have you got any further insight here since your last update?

(Diana) #8

Apparently I managed to talk to the only support person in the US and thus they only replied at night.

(Emma) #9

Hi @dianad! So sorry to hear that the support hours are a bit off. It may be that your conversation has been assigned to our overnight support colleague. I’m going to see what is going on with your conversation and will follow up in Intercom.

@tomsr We are growing the support team, both daytime and overnight hours to help support our growth. We have had an amazing number of new members join and, unfortunately, our support team did not grow with these numbers :chart_with_upwards_trend:. Long term we definitely want to find tech solutions to the main issues and feedback we see on customer support to lower the number of enquiries, but for now our team, 3 daytime and 1.5 (one part time) evening support, needs a few more hands on deck! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

In the future, we hope to also have a more customised customer support management product, which will allow us to manage the volume of conversation in a more efficient manner. :thought_balloon:

(Diana) #10

It has been fixed last night! All good for now

(Alexander Skeith) #11

In all fairness, my issue has since been resolved and I’m happy with the service. There’s an issue around the status of problems raised - in that enquiries aren’t being a prescribed a ticket number, and therefore can’t be tracked. I can see they’re trying their best though.

(Tom ) #12

Thanks for the update @emma_mondo.

Yes - I don’t doubt their staff or processes @Beradan, but I think the software they are using (third party, not Monzo’s in house) is letting them down.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #13

the in app customer support doesnt for me seem to be getting much better Im afraid on a few occasions over the past couple of months -
I wouldn’t really expect more than a - " we have passed this on to engineering support" or something like that, I also appreciate there is a feedback section in the test flight , but to not have any reply for 24 hrs from in app chat, when it says “typical replies in a few hours” isn’t really acceptable for any bank let alone a bank that is trying to present itself as - " a digital market leader" designed solely to work in app - it isn’t working.
I appreciate you have expanding customer base and you have great feedback on your website tweets and messages to your customer support but you cannot ignore your in app chat customers , which as I have said has happened a few times for me.

Maybe your service provider intercom (?) deletes messages or doesnt have a waiting list of unanswered messages - whatever the problem is - staffing or system, messages are going unanswered - more than 24hrs and still not seen ? ? whats going to happen when you have 100,000 users, or more ?

(Alex Sherwood) #14

This doesn’t make your experience ok but just to mention, Monzo don’t set that timeframe, it’s picked up automatically by Intercom so you may have been relatively unlucky here. Either that or the response times have got worse recently, just not enough to change the average time yet.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #15

I appreciate what your saying Alex - perhaps Ive been unlucky a few times then - it should be physically impossible to “ignore” a customer query for 24hrs - its annotated as "not seen yet " - there are quite a few threads where in app chats have not been answered for quite a period of time. The messages are either slipping through the answering process by the system or by the staff - there should be a system (staff or system) in place so this cannot happen to anyone, because Monzo are selling app banking that can and does work all the time.


Is there an alternative to Intercom? Reading between the lines many of the issues appear to arise from this service.

(Saveen) #17

Yes, one comes to mind but I guess it depends on whether Monzo plans to develop this in-house or not.

(Tom ) #18

Yes it’s the most frustrating part of the Monzo service. It just isn’t up to scratch. I think the sooner Intercom is ditched, the better.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #19

@emma_mondo has answered me about 10 minutes after my first post in my in app chat, which is very encouraging - thanks - and said she would repost her answer on here later, although it was a criticism of the in app chat set up - its only because I want Monzo to fulfil its potential and they need to be aware (which Im sure they are ) it isn’t good enough yet.

(James Billingham) #20

Intercom can work well, at scale too, but you have to be very strict with following basic rules around how you use it.