Why should I switch to Monzo from TSB?

(Thomas Crawford) #1

Hi new to Monzo so what benefits would I get if I change my current bank tsb to Monzo bank I use my account for standing orders and paying the ex girlfriend so any help would be good


Apart from the fact it’s not TSB?

Budgeting features, great customer service, pots to help you save, future integrations with savings providers, emoji, nearby friends to find others using Monzo (easier to pay your ex girlfriend if she joins as well), joint accounts being rolled out to all users soon, emergency web interface and a forum where you can talk about ice cream :icecream:

(Andre Borie) #3

what benefits would I get if I change my current bank tsb to Monzo bank

The benefit that it works at all? And that you won’t get your money stolen by fraudsters? :joy:

Any other bank is better than TSB at this point!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #4

Yes, but apart from all that…? :grinning:

(Eve) #5

IFTTT integrations you can build yourself? :joy::raised_hands:t3: What’s your favourite feature?


IFTTT integration, faster payments, instant notifications, more emoji, international payments really soon, Apple Pay, google pay, payments instantly deducted instead of sitting in pending and aqueducts.

Actually aqueducts might have been the Romans…

(Graham - Mental health professional) #7

Ah…fair enough. Oh and cheque book?

(I’ll get my coat…:flushed:)


I spotted the joke reference to Monty Python well done!

(Andre Borie) #9

Oh and cheque book?

Hot Coral cheque book please!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #10

Thankyou. :grinning: