Why is my Monzo taking payments from my card but it not reaching the payee

I have had a few issues with my card recently and have emailed monzo but need faster reply, I paid £40 from my account to very and it shows that in my online banking app however this payment never made it to very which had led me to be charged and extra fee, this is not fair as very charges late payments at 56%APR. Can anyone understand why this is happening? T.I.A

We are simply other Monzo users here, so we can’t see your account.

Did you pay the £40 to Very using your card, or by bank transfer?

If it’s showing in the app then it’s a fault on Very’s end.

If the % charge is a significant amount then you might want to log a complaint with very, just get a confirmation from monzo that very authorised the payment but didn’t ‘claim’ the money.

Use in app chat it will be quicker than email.

Using my card

I have had this issue a few times from just eat and monzo have refunded and agreed it was their issue I was just wondering if anyone else was struggling with anything similar, with regards to very I received no confirmation email which shows it never was received by them, do you know how to access the app chat? I cant seem to find it

Right at the bottom right of the app there is a speech bubble with a question mark, click on that and then scroll to the bottom, there should be a blue ‘chat with us’ button.

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Thank you so much

No prob, hope you get sorted.

Hopefully I will, the chat wait time is 3 days some maybe one day I may fix this issue😂 thanks again though!

Hi Aimee & welcome :wave:

Your image shows ‘Pending transaction’ at the bottom, so it hasn’t been taken from Monzo.


Wow that’s really long jeez.

But I would take it up with Very then. Send them the screenshot that they have authorised the money but not actually taken it out.

Never noticed the pending part!I will contact them again thanks!

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It’s likely to be Very’s fault, but it could also be on the Monzo side - worth speaking to Very and to Monzo via in-app chat (when you can!) - Good luck with this :crossed_fingers:

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maybe it’s something to do with very because I’ve made a payment with them as well it it didn’t show up in on my very account but it showed on Monzo side but, I never get the confirmation email that you usually get when you make a payment so I had to make the payment again which went through and got the confirmation email

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I’ve had this issue with Very with payments from Monzo and from Starling. In both cases it was because Very hadn’t claimed the payment from the bank - so actually Very’s fault. A cynical person might suggest that they’d rather you didn’t make your payment withing the interest free time!

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