Issue with Monzo and PayPal

Just bought some regular stuff off the internet via paypal, got the confirmation of payment etc via email and on the website.
However nothing has came out of my monzo ?


Do you have more than one bank/card account linked to PayPal?

Yep. However I definitely selected the Monzo card as it’s my default.

Just double check the other accounts linked. I’ve never had this issue before with PayPal and mozno

Could be they only take payment when it’s shipped - like Amazon. :slight_smile:

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Theres no money on any of them except Monzo

Could be. However usually it comes out instantly.

Has the payment gone through in PayPal?

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Yes. And i got confirmation email

It might be worth checking the “Activity” tab in PayPal. Click on the transaction you have a concern with and it should confirm what the payment method was. If it was through Monzo then just get in touch with them using the in app chat. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

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My only thought on this is, are you connected to Monzo + PayPal via Bank, or Card? If Bank (ie. Direct Debit), it won’t come out instantly, instead it’ll be after a period of time.

Definitely paid with card. In my paypal on the transaction it says " Mastercard **** "

And the payment isn’t pending? :thinking:

Ultimately, I wouldn’t worry about it, as PayPal payments can take a few days to go through. They cover the cost for oyu initially.

Ok the money has come out of my account but the transaction isn’t listed ( in my monzo )

Have you tried force closing and reopening the app?

Yep. Shall I contact Monzo via the app ?

It may be a paypal rather than monzo issue but obviously can’t say for sure

Ok i’ve sent an in-app message

Has the payment been deducted from your Monzo balance but not showing in your feed?

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