Why is customer service so bad at the moment?

Not even sure this is the right catergory but need to moan.

Back in December I contacted Monzo to increase my daily limit. You have to do this on the same day you wish to increase your limit, or try again tomorrow. Monzo missed their own deadline, so luckily the buyer was willing to have 2 payments over two days.

Yesterday, I asked for the same thing at about 13:30. Monzo say someone will be in touch within 8 hours, after 7 hours I chase for an update - to find chat is closed and I can’t contact them (in fairness, it’s not an emergency, so I didn’t pick that option).

This morning I’ve decided to call them, when you get through the options it’s says
“If you are on hold for more than 20 minutes, we will hang up, so you’re not kept waiting” or something similar.

What kind of customer support is that?
If I want to wait that’s up to me, not you Monzo!

It’s very rare I need anything from my bank but this is ridiculous. I think it might be time to look elsewhere.

Edit: Monzo have sorted this morning and I didn’t have to send any pictures again. They are raising a complaint (their choice, not at my request) and I’ll make sure to give them the right feedback.

This is nothing new.

They don’t want you to phone and don’t add the resource for it. It’s less secure than the app and often doesn’t give the detail that they need to help you.

Raising payment limits is a big a problem that they have to solve.


Belting. I’ll have to wait for chat to update.

I got cut off after 12 minutes.
I cannot amend this amount either, it has to be over 10k.

Though my actual more annoying concern is the 20 minute cut off waiting to speak to my bank - why can’t I just wait longer :joy:

You need to make a formal complaint to Monzo. I recognise ‘need’ may seem a bit strong, but given you’re saying you’ve had problems twice now, that takes it right past the ‘should’ stage, I’d say.

Complaining directly to Monzo is the best - perhaps only - way you can get them to take the issue seriously, and I think you’d be unlucky if they didn’t give you a token amount as compensation (£20 odd).

ETA: have a read of the most recent posts in this topic: Getting limits increased


Thanks Nick. They have come back on chat and advised they are forwarding to customer experience team or something.

I’ll progress with the complaint just to keep pushing the customer service issue, not concerned about being compensated - simply put I just want them to deliver their end (i.e. i don’t mind waiting 8 hours for an increase in a limit, but they need to do it in that timeframe).

I love the product, and it’s very rare i need to speak to anyone - that option shouldnt be limited to a 20 minute hold time though!


Do you have another account at all?

Just curious after the pain of the first time that you still tried to do it with Monzo the second time. The theme on here is that Monzo usually do it in the timeframe, but like Jack Bauer, they wait until the last possible second to do it.

I’ve said this before but there’s no way I’ll risk doing this with Monzo. I’ll move it over time to my other account and use that account to do the big transfer (for a house)


I use my legacy account for transactions like this. So much smoother.


That must be an interesting team to be part of. At least they didn’t use that hideously obnoxious word “squad” though.


Yeah, I have a first direct which I could have transferred the money across in 2 chunks. I thought the first time was a ‘bad day’ - but looks like this is my best route for the future.


Yep, seems that’s the way to go.

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