Payment limits - 8 hour delay and chat muted

So I’m trying to get my payment limit increased to buy a car, I went on the chat and provided all information… “We have passed this on to our payments team who will get back within 8 hours”. 8 hours?!? Not only that but the chat then gets muted so it doesn’t matter what you say, no one will ever reply.

In what world is that okay? I can understand a delay, definitely not of 8 hours, and definitely not if you then make it impossible for me to contact you again.

I’m genuinely astonished, that is probably the worst customer service I’ve ever come across. I’m now scrambling to find another way to pay for my car.

Absolute joke. I’m generally happy with Monzo but this has made me considering going elsewhere after 4 years.


It’s a common problem. When you get it done, raise a complaint.

The chat will have been moved to the team that raises limits. They need to sort both issues, there’s got to be a way to streamline the process

It’s one element they really suck at to be fair. Luckily I’ve never been in this situation but I can imagine the frustration caused.

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This is why I keep my legacy account.

Life is so much easier then.


Unfortunately same here, I’d love to have Monzo at the centre of my financial life but it appeara that Monzo don’t share my vision.

It’s kind of funny calling it a legacy account when you keep it for something Monzo should be able to handle with tech and fail at so badly :slight_smile:

That’s not a dig at you, I find it funny in general how people refer to the high street banks as legacy in situations like this


I only refer to it as a legacy account as that is the terminology folks on here understand.

Of course, I could just say Nationwide, and people may still understand me :rofl::joy:

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So after less than 8 hours the chat closed. Luckily I’ve got a car to borrow for the night. Meanwhile I’ve transferred money around to a non-monzo account after ringing RBS, being answered immediately and told there is no limit on their card by a very friendly woman.

It’s not good that I came off that phone call and genuinely considered changing banks, I still am to be honest. It’s a bad sign that a Monzo BETA user, crowdfunding investor, personal and joint account user who was also considering moving my business from Starling to Monzo is now considering going back to ‘Legacy’.

If Monzo are going to insist on £10000 card payment limits, it should at least be easy to increase it. I’ll definitely be complaining.


Personally, I think your card limit should be the balance in your account.

Could not have moved money to iWeb so easily with Monzo than I did with my Nationwide.


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