Getting limits increased


Im buying a car next Sunday, but I know there is a limit of £10k on Monzo, I know I could move the money to my other bank but I being ‘all in’ Monzo I want to try and buy it with Monzo.

Will there be anyone to contact on a Sunday to get this limit raised, or do I do it in advance. Any advice from people who have also made larger than £10k purchases?

I also don’t know if the dealership would prefer bank transfer or chip and pin payment, are the limits linked, if not can I get both increased just incase?


Monzo staff have said on the forum that you can request a limit raise the day before, but seems people have had a hit and miss experience there.

When I made a raise limit request, I had to provide:

  • Date of intended transaction
  • Merchant
  • ID selfie
  • Reason for the transaction
  • Amount

Also, it’s probably worth requesting your limit be raised by an extra £100 or so, so that you can keep using your card for the usual stuff!


Not specifically related to Monzo, but I do dislike that we have to tell banks who we are sending money to and for what purpose.


Don’t cause yourself extra stress. Move it over during the week and then buy your car worry free on Sunday.

I’m fully Monzo too. But not fully Monzo enough to cause myself problems for it that I can easily solve myself.


Moving money to another bank wouldn’t necessarily help, even if you tell that bank in advance…

I’d try to in advance first and see what happens. There have been mixed reports as to whether Monzo allow this. If not allowed, get up early on Sunday morning and put i request as early as possible. As far as I know Monzo non-emergency support hours are 7 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week so you should be able to request raise on the day if needed.

Last time I requested a limit rise (a weekday early September) I sent am in-app chat message at 12:10 and the limit was raised at 12:30. I then made the bank transfer same day with no issue. When I made the request I was asked when I’d like to make the payment, implying I might have been able to ask for limit raise on a different day.

Am interested how you get on, particularly if you request a raise in advance of Sunday. Let us know!

Check with the dealership in advance what payment method they will accept.
Debit card and bank transfer limits are listed separately in the app.

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Just call the dealership and ask?

Then if it’s card, get your money moved over today so you’re ready. Job done, nothing to stress or worry about :raised_hands:


Thanks for your help everyone.
Change of plan, im going on Saturday now so will contact them on Friday and see what they say.

will let you know the outcome.
Thanks all

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By waiting until Friday you’re leaving a very narrow window to get the funds moved in time.

Personally I’d call them tomorrow morning and then you have plenty of time to request whatever you need from Monzo.


Speaking from fairly recent experience when i needed to move our house deposit a few months ago, you cant request the limit increase prior despite the fact some on here said they could, I asked multiple times.

What i was advised and what I did was to message as early as I could on the day I wanted to do it, so for me it was 00:01am and i had no issues at all. Once you get through to somebody it’s easy, it’s the getting through to somebody.

Just on your initial message send a picture of you holding your id, how much you want and what its for and that you need it raising asap. That will hopefully reduce the need for a back and forth with them

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I think you might have been misinformed or fell into one of the clauses of the below statement. This is what someone at Monzo said not long ago…

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That’s to stop money Laundering :grin::+1:t2:

Check the comments after

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I know why… doesn’t mean I have to like it :slight_smile:

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You can definitely get it increased the day before.

Indeed the message we send in app states that we can do it on the day or the day before.

You must have the funds available in your account prior to having your limit increased.

It’s always best messaging as early as possible in the day as depending on the amount you need the limit increasing by depends on whether it needs to go to a specialist or not and this can add some time to the process.


We can increase either one or the other - as you’ll need the funds available before the limit can be increased.

As suggested it’s best to speak to them beforehand to find out their preferred payment methods. If you can pay by card then that’ll give you a level of protection you don’t get via bank transfer.


Then cops need some retraining, at least 3 told me it was impossible and your systems don’t work like that

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I did :slight_smile: They’re all from you saying that they wouldn’t allow you to do it which is why I believe you might have been misinformed or as you say met staff that need refresher training.

There are a few more posts from staff knocking about the community that all say it can be done too.

It’s just unfortunate that you wasn’t able to have yours done in advance for whatever reason.

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There’s a few others, I just looked for two seconds and found this: Full Monzo - Upcoming house deposit payment

Like I said I think some people need training, I’ve seen this come up a few times


Yeah there’s definitely a mixed bag.

Hopefully now the OP is aware they can be a little more persistent and they might be successful. This again is why I said it’s best to start the process now instead of waiting until the day before like they planned.

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I had great success with this today. I sent a message late last night with my id and amounts I needed to increase to and got a reply first thing in the morning. Thanks @Addzy for the pointers!