Do Monzo still not report joint accounts to credit reference agencies?

I remember when we opened our joint account at the time, they said they’d be doing this in future as you’d have a financial link with someone. We’ve had our joint account since they were first made available and I still don’t see it showing up on my credit report, only my sole Monzo account.

I love Monzo but this, along with the fact that they still only report to TransUnion is a bit disappointing.

Just so I can be an absolute pedant, they report to TransUnion. CreditKarma is just a company that lets you see your TransUnion score.

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Yep, meant to write that! :smiley: amended, thanks!

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Do accounts with no credit facilities get reported to these Agencies? (Sorry it’s an area I place little value/interest in so I don’t really know what data they process. I assumed it was just credit related data.)

Regardless, it should still show the financial link. As of now, only our mortgage shows as a financial link between us and we’ve had the joint account for a long time now. It’s where all of our bills are paid from.


Pretty much every bank account I’ve had with no overdraft is still reported to the CRA’s.

Monzo said it was coming in early 2019, but this has appeared to have been shafted, and I’ve given up asking about it now.


I’ve given up chasing this too

Mods can you merge these threads and then lock both of them because Monzo don’t seem to want to communicate on this.


Yep. It’s a shame that it’s taken so long. They did say early 2019 on here a while back and there’s just been no update at all since. Joint accounts feel like a bit of an afterthought at times too, with not even being reported at all :frowning:

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I’ve had a joint account with Lloyds for over five years and that’s never been on any of my credit reports, we moved to monzo a few weeks ago as it made sense for us.

Anyone else have joint accounts that show up in a credit file as such, I’d love to see where they are listed.

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