Why does Monzo always finish up in my spam?

Usually that’s where your emails go! In spite of repeatedly marking your stuff as “spam” it usually goes the wrong way. Any bright deas to stop this happening please?

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That largely depends on your email provider.
You could whitelist @monzo.com, so emails genuinely originating from Monzo won’t be moved to the spam folder.

Let me get this straight : you repeatedly marked Monzo’s emails as spam, and are complaining that they actually end up in the spam folder?

Well, assuming that you have forgotten a “not” in one of those statements, you should be able to resolve this. If you want to stop monzo from ending in spam: (1) stop marking them “spam” :slight_smile: (2) add them to your white list, and/or adress book. Details for the second step will depend on your provider, so so you mind telling us who is providing you with your email account? (the bit after the @ symbol)


No need to be mean @nanos :hugs:

This may be the problem, kind of. Not the OP marking Monzo emails as spam, but other people using the same email provider. Enough people do that, and there’s a threshold past which the email provider will spam filter the emails for everyone using them (“Why is this item in my spam folder?” “Because our users have said messages like this are spam”).

It’s surprising how many people sign up for a mailing list or some other form of email alerts, and then start marking the emails as spam instead of simply unsubscribing :scream:

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Maybe the OP was asking exactly what they want. Monzo emails are actually not being marked as spam automatically even though the OP wants all Monzo communication to go in the Spam folder so keeps marking it as spam.

For persistent spam not picked up by the web service and ending in my inbox, I use Rules in iCloud to automatically filter it into my spam folder based on email address or words in the subject line. I currently have 31 rules like this!

Move messages from bbc.com to Junk folder

This is obviously an example…

I’ve subscribed to few for which the unsubscribe button simply has no effect. Those ones are marked as spam.


But please don’t do this for senders that allow you to unsubscribe. It wrecks their deliverability. (Obviously, if the sender doesn’t allow you to unsubscribe, and/or ignores unsubscribes, then that’s fair game, but otherwise they’ll suffer…)

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I do this for spam as my post above stated, I never said I did it for mailing lists I signed up too. I used the bbc as an example as I didn’t want to post spam urls here.

If I signed up to a mailing list I would unsubscribe from it. If I didn’t and they don’t honour an unsubscribe then I create a Rule if my email client doesn’t do it for me.


It’s always a fun day at work when a parent/umbrella account is blocked because a client has been marked as spam too many times :stuck_out_tongue: then everyone suffers!