Spam emails

Hi, just had this forwarded from a friend, unsure if this is the right category to post in but trust it’ll be moved if it isn’t! My friends girlfriend was targeted with a dodgy email which I’m 200% sure isn’t actually from monzo, not sure if theres anything to be done about it other than making people aware of the scam.


Probably be worth flagging this with the in app chat too if possible, they might get back to you quicker than here.

That does look like something we send out, your friends girlfriend can get in touch via the app to confirm those details if she’s not comfortable in replying to the email :+1:


Well that teaches me to be 200% about anything.

I’m surprised Monzo would reach out like this through email. If I got a notification through the monzo app with a message like this I’d trust it but through email?


You would get a notification in app as this is just a copy of the in app chat that is sent to your E-Mail, I get this all the time (when using support obviously)