Not getting email link

For some reason whenever I am trying to log into the monzo app I’m not getting the email verification, tried through the app and on there website but still not getting it, never had this problem before and its really frustrating because I want to access my account, I logged in around 9 10 this morning and there where no problems, emailed customer support and phoned them but still no word.

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have you checked your junk and spam folders?

Sometimes the emails are found in there.

Are you using a GSuite or Office365 account (in other words, an email account administered by someone else) or is it an entirely personal email account?

Checked my spam and junk folder which is where it has been before and it’s not there, very strange, this has never happened to me before, thought maybe there was a problem with my account but I’ve used it today twice and have been no problems, will try phoning them again tommorow. At my wits end with what to do now.

I’m just using my own personal outlook hotmail.

After rechecking my email account all the emails have now came through and is working, dont no what happened there, very odd


Good to hear you’re back in :monzo:-land :+1:

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Been signed out my banking app and have been trying for 2 weeks now to get bk in do not receive my email have check spam and that but still nothing can u help please


Ensure you are using the correct email address , and contact monzo either on the number on the back of your card or email

The login emails from monzo come from, if you don’t see these emails and they aren’t in your spam folder, ensure is in your safe senders list in your email application.

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