Why could I not open a joint account

I was very disappointed to discover that Joint Accounts are no longer being offered, despite all the buttons for it within the app.

Can we get a more detailed reason as to why this has been suspended and when it’s coming back?


Joint accounts are still available, you’re just not eligible.

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Starling will pretty much more than guaranteed accept you for one. So best of really just moving to them for that service


Still being offered. And the webpage has been updated with the new Fortnite-Font™ too, so looking good for Plus/Premium/Parity :soon:


“We can’t let you apply for a joint account right now” according to the support person, which is unhelpfully vague.

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But that’s how banking rules work. They can’t say “it’s because you said you earn £14,500 and our minimum is £14,501“ because you’d just lie.

All you can do is wait and retry.


Banks generally are vague.

However it’s worded, you’re not eligible, onto the next :pray:t3:

We weren’t eligible (both staff at the time), just went to Starling, took other half 5 hours for account to be verified and opened, then less than 2 mins for the joint account to be opened from there.


Actually, looking at the Monzo Joint Account webpage carefully shows the new rebrand isn’t fully implemented yet when compared to the Personal Accounts webpage. What a surprise.


They’re a bank. If anyone knows my finances, it’s them. :joy:

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Maybe that’s why they don’t want you to have another account :eyes:


But yeah look elsewhere, the eligible not eligible thing won’t change in the short term. :upside_down_face:


Unfortunately that’s not how it works, banks don’t know what your salary is unless you tell them if asked.


Well actually this isn’t strictly true. Most banks report account turn over secretly to the credit reference agencies and this doesn’t go on your report visible to the customer. Banks can pretty easily figure out what your salary is.


Just because you receive BACs payments into your account doesn’t mean that’s your total salary.

For the purpose of the discussion we’re assuming that @craigmcfly is stating that we Monzo should know what his finances/salary is which isn’t always true some people may not be paid via BACs and work for a SMEs who pay via FPS or some are paid by cheques or cash in hand.

Of course open banking and reporting to the CRAs play a big part into this but if you fall into one of the above categorys it can only do so much.

To be fair “We can’t let you apply” isn’t as clear as “You’re not eligible for” so that wording can be read that people are not being allowed to apply for joint accounts at all currently.


my comment was mostly said in jest, but it’s mostly about the transparency of the process. The wording of the response from the customer support team was not specific, and that’s what has led to this confusion.

If you are only offerering Joint Accounts to a specific user base currently, and I don’t meet the criteria, then
a) that’s fine, and I should have just been told that.
b) that should be more specific on the help page, rather than the existing “Tap OPEN JOINT ACCOUNT below to open a joint account”

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Could you be specific as to what they told you in terms of not meeting the criteria. They (like pretty much any bank or finance company) can only tell you so much. If they said;

“Sorry, we can’t offer you a joint account right now”

Then that’s then being specific. They’re never going to say “Sorry, we can’t offer you an account because you go shopping on a Wednesday”

I don’t know how to access historical support chats.

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If you open a chat like you normally would and scroll up all the history is there

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Found it:

Sorry, we can’t let you apply for a joint account right now.

We realise this is frustrating and we’re working hard to make joint accounts available to more customers. We’ll let you know when this changes, but I’m afraid there’s nothing else we’re able to do today.

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