Joint account help

My partner and I are trying to open a joint account to pay rent etc out of. We both have separate monzo accounts. Every time we try on the app we get this message and cannot figure out why. Does anyone have any solutions?


Hi. Welcome.

That page is the extent of the info unfortunately. They can’t/won’t offer you an account and they won’t tell you why.

All you can do is click through the “update me” option and hope it changes when you meet whichever criteria you’re not at the moment.


You could try asking them in app to double check your application or for a bit of guidance on what it could be, but I don’t think they will tell you because it explicitly states this in the message on the screen.

If you’re new to Monzo, don’t have enough direct debits, or your salary going in there, one of you have a poor credit score - these could all be reasons. This is all speculation of course and we can’t say for certain.

Try again in a few month I guess :man_shrugging:

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I really hope those aren’t criteria Monzo look at when assessing the eligibility for a joint account!

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Who knows :man_shrugging: They’re a business so it has got to be worth their while.

It wasn’t a requirement for us.

My girlfriend opened a single account and then a day later the joint account with zero issues.

@Katde my partner and I are having the same issue. I created a new account today predominantly to setup a joint account and we keep getting that message. I wonder if there’s an issue with setting up joint accounts at the moment. I thought that I might have to wait and activate my card first (which may be the issue for us!), but it may be a wider issue…

  • Update: I received my card this morning (opened the account yesterday) and activated it. Still having the same issue, so I’ve emailed Monzo to find out what’s going on. It seems strange that several couples seem to be having this issue.
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My partner and I are having the same issue. We have both had Monzo accounts for a couple of years, as well as paid each other through Monzo a lot during that time and both have really good credit scores.

So no idea what this mystery criteria is.

I understand the privacy behind it but at the same time Monzo should really say what the criteria is otherwise there’s no way for us to fix it and be able to open our joint account.

We’ve just been approved for a mortgage together so no idea what the issue is.

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It does seem a bit odd that so many people are being rejected for joint accounts. I’ve seen people on other sites get rejected but they have no idea why. They seem to have no issues getting joint accounts at other banks, but Monzo is stopping them.

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We signed up to Starling and got a joint account with them - no problem at all! It’s really strange and frustrating.

Yep. Pretty much identical situation for us too. Seems odd. If there is a wider problem a reply from monzo would help. Doesn’t need specifics, just a teeny little msg…

I’m having the same issue opening an account with my wife. It’s frustrating as we’re both doing it to get our combine salaries paid into the account and switch to it via CASA.

I’m personally baffled having worked in banking for 20 years at large and neo banks and run customer onboarding globally for one of the biggest banks in the world. I’ve check both our credit scores (not relevent here anyway), all the usual CDD checks etc which are fine. We have a joint account already elsewhere for bills, recently got a large new mortgage with both our names and various other financial products. I have no idea why it would be prevented unless there was a weird commercial reason.

It’s very frustrating as I wanted to use this as a premium joint account for OB, pots etc to manage various bills and our family’s finances from but as another person says go to Starling or any of the other new entrants at the moment to get that without the pain.

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My wife and I opened a joint account about 10 minutes after opening our individual accounts with no problems, We have a well established joint account and mortgage so maybe that is a factor,

Same situation here, I wanted to set up a joint account with my partner for common expenses. I use Monzo for everyday expenses, while my salary goes elsewhere - I just do a transfer between accounts at the beginning of the month. As well as some of you, we just had a mortgage accepted and really don’t understand what’s going on. It’s been a few weeks already waiting for an update.

And what frustrates me, is the “we can’t tell you any more about why” bit. I’ve contacted them through the app chat (because for some reason they can’t help on the phone) and they’ve escalated my request to the customer advocacy team, whatever that is. I don’t think it’s very difficult to give an explanation about the issue, so maybe we can do something about it.

I’m quite disappointed at the whole thing, really.


Under tipping off rules, they aren’t going to tell you why. It doesn’t really matter who it’s escalated to, they’ll just apologise.

All you can do is wait and re-apply another day.

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Yes same here with us. My fiancée and I are trying to set up a joint account but it’s not working.

I’ve done it before and it was seamless. Now that there’s an issue it is extremely frustrating not to be able to resolve.

She’s received and activated her card, could it be there is a delay for new customers? Would her nationality as an EU Citizen have any affect? Even though she’s settled status and has several other uk bank accounts?

She’s now keen to march to the high st to set one up. Which would be annoying as I’ve generally been a very happy Monzo camper and have previously praised it to all who would listen…

If anyone manages to get a response and or gets it working please let us know your experience / drop your tips here!

Your situation sounds completely different to the person who commented earlier.

You’ve asked an awful lot of questions too so I’m not sure where to start :sweat_smile: If you’ve opened an account before then you can’t re-open it yourself, this is one possibility.

Whereas the other person is likely wasting their time contacting Monzo, I’d suggest you speak to them using in app chat and I’m sure they’ll tell you what part of the process you’re up to etc :slight_smile:

Hi @Ordog ,

Yes I was worried this could be an issue. However her app glitches on the ‘select your contact’ for the joint account. It shows a completely blank screen whereas on mine I can see all my contacts, scoot through, accept the message where it asks whether you’ve told the other person about the joint account, I put in my pin, then it beachballs and hangs when it tries to set it up.

Very much hope there isn’t a combined issue, (my previous JA closure seemed clean). As her Joint Account set up doesn’t even get that far I’m guessing the (first) issue is in her court!

Also I get the same umbrella pic as the OP.

/ lol on the tmi. Just thought the more info the better with these things

< also not intending to re-set up a previous joint acc thank god, sounds like that would be painful >

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My wife opened a current account specifically so that we could then open a joint account. We get exactly the same message and have asked to be updated. Will give it a bit longer but may have to move just to get a joint account. Pity

Same issue here… I basically joint Monzo to get a joint account and I can’t make one… Has anyone got any feedback from Monzo?