Trouble opening a joint account

I’m trying to set up a joint account with my girlfriend. However when I try it comes up with a message saying ‘we can’t offer you a joint account right now! We can’t tell you why, but we can let you know if this changes in the future’ .

This is very irritating and I would like to know why this is happening and how I can fix this problem :frowning:

Hi. Welcome.

Monzo have for whatever reason decided they don’t want to give you a joint account. They can’t/won’t tell you why. All you can do is wait a few months and try again or go elsewhere.

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Lots of people have opened joint accounts, myself included, with zero problems since this “crackdown”

As mentioned above, there can be a multitude of reasons and I most likely know why, but we aren’t able to share this.

I am in the same boat.

We went to Starling and opened one there within minutes of other half being accepted for a sole account, zero issues.

Not as exciting as Monzo mind, but it does the job for all household bills and transparency.

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Last thing I want is my mrs having transparency over my “entertainment” spend :joy:

If you’re rejected for a joint account then you should get the option to receive a notification when this changes. I can’t promise how soon this will be, but we’re working away to increase our joint account eligibility criteria.

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Oh we have sole accounts for anything non house related :sweat_smile:

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