Why Can't people pay me anymore?

I have been taking part in a fundraiser for my local football team, and people have been sending me their sponsorship money over the weekend. Now when people try to use my payment link it keeps declining their cards. Even those that have previously sent me money are now being declined.

Anyone got any ideas why and how to fix it please ???

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You might have reached your limit if you’re using the monzo.me link

Edit: to find your limits, go to the “Manage” tab whilst looking at your main account, scroll down and select the “Limits and allowances” item. The limit will be in the “inbound” section.

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Isn’t the limit £100 per month for everyone? Or can it be increased?

Monzo.me limits can’t be adjusted. They’re also capped at £1,000 in total for the month.

@tbutz detailed how to view them and what is remaining.

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Better to send account number and sort code, and go through your business account not personal.

You’re joking, right? You think people need a business account to collect a bit of sponsorship money?


Receiving various amounts from various other names, and then using that to send to others, most likely looked at as business use or other.

Just saying be mindful.

But for a business account, you need to be running a business.

Edit: and anything going through that account would then needto be for business reasons.


Riiiiiight OK. That’s obviously not correct. You can’t invent a business just to receive these kind of payments.

I raised a couple of grand for Movember a few years ago, all payments of £20/£30ish. You seriously suggesting I should’ve opened a business account, even though I don’t run a business? Might want to check with your colleagues on that one.


Oh I forgot everyone else knew better here. My bad.

Good luck with your fund raiser OP.

Well you’re the Monzo employee…? Is it company policy, or just your opinion? I’m very happy to be corrected if so, rather than you just guessing.


The only thing I can imagine sponsorships would be related to from a business perspective would be either ‘Charity/Clubs/Community’ accounts which Monzo don’t offer…

Maybe @Lewis01 can provide some clarity around whether receiving sponsorships would relate to one of the three above entities and/or whether someone would need a business account to receive this? :slight_smile:

EDIT: OT: Did you manage to find a work around for this? :slight_smile:

In absolutely no way is this something you need a business account for.


It’s not a charity / club / community account either. The guy isn’t running a charity! He’s just collecting a bit of sponsorship money and handing it over to the club.

Next we’ll be asking if he needs to charge VAT and file a tax return :rofl::person_facepalming:


I mean at times you do get the wrong end of the stick several times over and come up with a nonsense answer :joy: but we all have bad days so it’s allowed




Are you saying Monzo blocks people for raising money for their local football club?

Interesting insight, I’ve done this with multiple other banks and never had any issue at all, obviously, as it’s a perfect normal (and nice!) thing for people to do.

If Monzo blocks people for that, maybe it should stop?


Totally, I’m not saying he needs one of those accounts I was just making the connection to say even if they did, those types of activities would be related to those entities.

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Not specifically monzo, I’ve been caught before for similar.

My spade just broke and can’t afford a digger for my hole so gonna avoid this topic now :joy:


What did I miss? :eyes: I’m here for the drama