I sent out payment links and they’re not working

I sent payment links to my daughters football team and none of them are working…. People are having to bank transfer instead, which is annoying. I’m assuming it’s a bug? Can you fix it please as the link sending was very handy when it used to work! Thanks

Have you hit your limit?

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You’ll have to elaborate on “it’s not working”

Have you checked your limits? What’s the error message you (or they) get? etc


I think they get a message telling them their card doesn’t work…. But multiple people are getting this and with all of their cards

How do I find out the limit… also why is there a limit to receive payments? Do you know if this can be lifted?

I just checked limit for incoming… seems I was no where near reaching them.

Have you read this? Not all cards are accepted

Because it’s not supposed to be used for any sort of business, personal transfers don’t get anywhere near the limit. You cannot get the limit lifted.

The limit does reset/on a rolling basis. Have you tried to receive in the last week?

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