Why are Monzo sending me a NatWest visa Debit Card

Ive frozen my account my choice but my replacement card will be a NatWest Visa Debit Card, why is this happening? Has this happened to anyone else?

Where have you had this said to you that it’s NatWest? This doesn’t seem right

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There is absolutely no way you will be getting a Natwest card. What have Monzo said to you that has given you this impression?


Hi Michael

It’s because they wanted me to buy a different card. Have done never mind👍🏻

When you say “buy a different card”, what do you mean? This sounds rather weird to me.

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:rotating_light: SOUNDS VERY SUSPICIOUS :rotating_light:

Are you sure you are not being scammed into moving your money to a “safe” account??


Yeah, sounds like you’re in the process of being scammed


That familiar smell of fish abounds again!


Why did you decide to freeze your card? Was there something suspicious you saw?


Monzo will send you a Monzo casd, think you’ve got your wires crossed somewhere.

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This is really strange and worrying, like others have said, Are you being scammed?

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Feels like a scam where they take control of your account or get you to transfer money by stating they are from Monzo or the Police and your account has been compromised or want help catching fraudsters so ask you to transfer money to a fake ‘safe account’ (in this case a fake Natwest account) and are ‘sending you a replacement card’ for that account.

  • Freeze your card.
  • Change your Monzo account password and possibly PIN (possibly even your email password).
  • Cancel your current card within the app and order one properly within the app.
  • Inform Monzo in app that you may have been a victim of a phishing scam and give them all the details of the conversation you can.
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Pauline, Monzo and Natwest are different banks. Please get in contact with Monzo urgently using the phone number at the bottom of the page here https://monzo.com/help/ which is the official number.

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I feel like this is going to be one of those topics where we never hear back and get closure :cry:


I can imagine the conversation.

“I’ve looked on the Monzo forum and they say this is a scam.”

“We are Monzo. Don’t listen to random people on the internet.”

I hope it all works out well for the OP


Someone page Jim Browning…



Not just for her but so there is information out there for others who are in the same situation.

Hopefully they come back and explain in a little more detail where they’re seeing this message and what they did to resolve it.


Someone really ought to pull the OP’s email address and freeze the account etc. related to it to protect her and yourselves.

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Pretty sure they’ve said before they can’t trace customers through the forum, unless I’ve dreamt that bit up