Call from 0800 702 1281?

Is this legit? Had some transactions in my account that weren’t me so I am believing it might be.

Found this article:

They aren’t asking me to move money. They just seem to be getting me a replacement card?

Can’t find live chat, should I keep on the call?

Edit: They told me they were contacting me on another line, I just called the Monzo number on the back of my card.

They told me to freeze my account, then they asked me my balance. They then said I had a large transaction (over the amount in my account) that was just inputted and asked me to unfreeze. I then asked them to prove that they were Monzo, and they said they could switch lines. This was when I called the official number.

They orginally contacted me on 0345 634 5345.

This sounds very dodgy to me


I don’t quite follow but it sounds a bit strange.

I’d keep your card frozen (although that won’t affect bank transfers) contact Monzo through the app (not phone) and do nothing until you hear from them.

Remember any incoming call can have its number faked easily.


Okay thanks. I am currently holding on the phone line, where can I contact through the app?

I am quite worried as they knew there were transactions coming out. Never had issues like this before.

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Go to help, then search for contact us. Tap on the link.


Thanks! Should I not bothering contacting them by phone then? Ordered a new card already.

We won’t ever contact you via phone proactively - unless we’ve arranged with you first or are dealing with a complaint.

Please get in touch with us via chat so we can make sure that your account is secure.


As far as I know, Monzo would never contact you by phone, and always via the app. Spoofing a phone number is one of the simplest things that scammers can do, and asking you to freeze or unfreeze your card just makes me think, surely Monzo could do that if they needed?


I’d do as Dan suggests and contact via app. If it were me I’d hang up the phone.

If you’re using a landline, sometimes fraudsters are able to keep the line item after they’ve called you. So I’d always rely on the side of caution and use the app.

Just personal views, of course - you must do what is right for you.


Yes sorry I should have said - please hang up!


Thanks. Was on my mobile. Now in contact with support and was a fraud - seemed very legit.

Thanks for the help guys, lesson learnt. I’ll always call back on the official number now. :smiley:

The main reason I fell for it was the fact they knew that there had been unauthorised transactions just minutes before…

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If they made them, they would do! In the heat of this kind of thing it’s not easy to see the woods for the trees.


That’s one of the latest scams, sadly.

They build up a picture of you using various different sources including your card details, name, date of birth etc etc.

Then they try and put through a fraudulent transaction (often a 3DS transaction) so nothing actually goes through but you get a prompt through the app to authorise a payment. Then within a few minutes they spoof a call from Monzo (or another bank!) and it sounds legit because they know about the attempted txn (because they tried to put it through themselves!)


Interesting thank you. I’ve blocked the numbers now and reordered the card. Just wondering where they got the details.

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Hi @Slimdeh

This is just a customer forum - Monzo do not actively look here.

If you need help from Monzo, you need to contact them in-app, or at

I hope everything works out.