Did anyone else just get a Monzo fraud alert?

I just got an alert from monzo saying that they’re worried I may have been exposed to fraud so they’re sending me a new card. What’s happened?? Has anyone else had this? Nothing unusual has happened on my account.

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It could be something as simple as you using your card at a place where fraud has been identified. This is purely precautionary.


Usually means a merchant or ATM you’ve used is seeing high reports of fraud so they’re swapping your card just incase.

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Do you know anyone else who has experienced this? I’m really worried as I’m going traveling very soon and I was planning on using monzo as my main method of payment.

A similar thing happened to me with my credit card.

They sent a new card because I had used my card on a website which had been subsequently hacked and had card details stolen.

It is almost certainly just a precaution to prevent any problems in the future.


I just got one too. Hopefully nothing to worry about, although they did say why they can’t disclose the reason for replacing it so who knows

How soon? You’ll get a new card in just a couple of days

I’m traveling in 10 days. I have a back up debit card but its heavily linked to my monzo card, they won’t try and shut that down too if anything really bad has happened? I’ve had a debit card for 12 years and this has never happened to me before.

Yes it said the same on mine! I’m glad it’s not just me. I would like to think they will act more efficiently if it’s a wide spread problem. It’s still worrying me though as I’m traveling solo soon, I hope they don’t keep doing this.

have they done it before to you ?

Never happened before to me

I guess it’s better if the bank is more proactive even if it means some false alarms.

I had this with my Barclays card recently, they also wouldn’t tell me what site I had used that was suspicious.

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It’ll be like what happened when Monzo saw signs that Ticketmaster had been breached before Ticketmaster realised/publicised it. They’re seeing a link between high incidents of fraud with a certain merchant that people have used so are replacing cards to essentially stop people being victims. It’s a good thing, frankly :man_shrugging:


Would you rather the bank didn’t tell you that your card could have been compromised because you’d used it with an online retailer that had a security breach, and atm that had been skimmed etc?

It could be one atm or 1 terminal in a shop but they are proactively stopping you becoming a victim of fraud, and that’s good


You’ll get your card before this weekend based on my experience. I wouldn’t worry about it. 10 days is YEARS away.

Also, I’d definitely recommend you have alternative cards with you, don’t rely on a single card when on holiday, no matter who it’s with. On my last holiday I took my Monzo, Revolut, NatWest and Barclaycard just to be safe, as well as a little cash.

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That’s interesting to know. So was everyone’s card replaced who used ticketmaster?

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It is good. I suppose it’s just scary getting that kind of alert when you don’t know what it means and it’s never happened before. I think I understand it now.

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Here’s some more info: https://monzo.com/blog/2018/06/28/ticketmaster-breach

I believe Monzo replaced around 6000 cards in that case after around 50+ people reported fraud with Ticketmaster being the common merchant.

I also received this yesterday. Not unduly worried. Impressed with the way Monzo handles this sort of thing. Keep your eye on your account for any unusual activity as they say. Your card will be with you very soon in my experience.

That’s good to know, thanks!