Why am I asked for ACH Routing Number?

Hi all, I’ve searched the forums but there doesn’t seem to be an answer to this particular issue.

I am currently trying to transfer money from my UK Monzo account to a bank account in Vietnam. I have the correct details & Monzo gave the rate they were charging for the international transfer and it all seemed to be progressing fine until they asked for an ACH Routing Number.

A trip to Google tells me this is used for transferring money in or out of the United States, but I am British trying to transfer money out of my UK Monzo account to an account in Vietnam so not sure at all where this number comes from?!

Any help would be much appreciated as I’m totally stumped at present & time is of the essence as the transfer is in order for a flight to be booked! Thanks!

Scrap that, it appears (unless I’m missing something) that you can’t send money from Monzo to Vietnam for whatever reason.

You can’t make international payments with Monzo directly. However, you can pay through a specialist payment agency such as TransferWise.

It appears Transferwise supports VND directly but not through the Monzo partnership, I’m curious why that is.