Sending USD to china

Hi, I’m trying to send USD to a Chinese account, when Monzo forwards me to transfer wise it’s asking for a routing number, I have only ever used a swift number and account number in the past,

Does this sound normal? Never herd o the routing number,

Can anyone advise me if this is possible or not from Monzo?


I’m not sure if it’s possible to send USD from a Monzo account to an account in China, but a routing number is a bit like the American equivalent of a sort code. So it could be that Monzo thinks you’re sending USD to a US account.

The routing should be the sort code , you’re probably best off contacting TransferWise support.

It’s not, it’s numerical only unlike the swift code,

I think it’s correct it thinks I’m sending to America,

Are there any plans for Monzo to have its own international transfer?


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I don’t think Monzo have any plans to offer their own anything. International transfers, savings accounts, ISAs ,are all third party offerings.