International Payments Mechanism


I encountered multiple problems trying to make an international payment in USD to a patent agent in Hong Kong. For this Monzo provides a front end to Wise to do the transfer.

The app kept asking for the ACH routing number, which is not used by banks outside the USA.
It would also not accept brackets (only letters and numbers) in the recipient name.

After giving up I went direct to the Wise website. All of the options I needed that were missing in the Monzo app were available and I was able to make the transfer successfully (using banks Swift code not ACH) after manually transferring the money from Monzo to Wise. The fee was slightly higher for this.

Monzo normally offer a fantastic service, so I can’t see why in this instance they would be so poor.

Details to reproduce:
Device: IPHONE X
App Version: 3.86.0 #747