Routing/transit number


I’m going to work in the US for the 2019 summer and to get paid, they ask for a routing/transit number. I want to use my Monzo card but where would I find this routing/transit number??

Thank you!

Receiving international payments with Monzo is not yet reliable, you probably shouldn’t use it for salary:

I think the recommended fintech option is a Transferwise Borderless account, or you could get it sent to another normal bank account.


I feel they are asking for a US bank account not a UK bank account otherwise they’d possibly be asking for a IBAN. You need a US bank account or use Transferwise borderless account as suggested which includes the US bank details such as:

Wire transfer number.
Routing number.
Account number.

I would clarify this with the company paying you.

Monzo also doesn’t reliably receive international transfers right now. They are working on it.

What @Chapuys said is correct. They are asking for your US bank details. You can get one by using Transferwise Borderless if you only need to receive and spend money on a card. Otherwise, I think you might need to wait till you get there.

Good Luck.

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