Who Am I Paying?


Can someone tell me who I am paying from my bills pot please?

Been like this for a few days and is the same across all my pots.

I have deleted and reinstalled and it is still the same.

I am on iOS15 and latest TestFlight

What happens when you click on them? does it give you extra information


It gets paid from your main account so you need to look there for matching transactions


These are transfers into your current account to pay your bills.

The bill pot works from transferring the payment to your main account & then paying it from there


You aren’t paying anyone.

That’s moving money from your pot to your personal account.



Seems like this was approved and no one told me so sorry for delay and if there is a duplicate it is because they took so long to approve the first one.

So what you see is my bills pot, tey did say al the companies e.g. British Gad, Virgin Media and so on but now they look like the image shown

If I click on it it will still say Personal Account and not the name of the company that was paid by DD.

As mentioned above.

The direct debit is paid from the main account. So go to your main account feed and you’ll see the direct debit payments there.

This pot only transfers the payment amount to the main card account for now. This may change in the future.

If you click the “manage” toggle you can see the list of direct debits coming from the pot and the “left to pay”. It could be that the data you are looking for has just been split between the two toggles now.