Show which pot pending transactions will be paid from

It would be great if the feed for my current account showed which pot each pending transaction will be paid from. Then I would know whether something is/isn’t going to come from my current account balance. Mock up attached.

Unfortunately, until bills are actually paid from a pot (properly), this doesn’t actually make sense. Because the payment is taken from your main account - the bill pot stuff, just makes a direct transfer to the main account balance beforehand.

Annoying, I know, but not inaccurate unfortunately.

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I’d somewhat appreciate this, maybe as an optional thing, though I know from the name where that is coming from already.

New direct debits throw me off as I then have to go check in said pot I think it’s gonna come from to then find I’ve possibly not added it yet.

I’m on Android and I’m pretty sure that info is displayed on the pending transaction on the main feed. But I don’t have any pending transactions to look at right now. Are you guys all on iOS - can any other Android users confirm?

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Yes, it says the pot name where you’d usually see the reference or notes. It says “Paid from [Pot name] Pot”.

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Here we go…


Must be, Im on iOS and don’t have this detail

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Another one for the parity list ffs :mask:

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