Pot direct debit payments

Issue with direct debits being paid, had them set to come from a bill pot. Missed a payment even though there was money set aside in bill pot. Never been an issue before, but am now not sure if I will use this feature again.

You’re best messaging in app for them to take a more detailed look to see exactly what happened and why.

As far as I’m aware you’re the only person that has reported this issue on here.

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If there’s not enough money in a pot it will take it from the main balance, won’t it? Are you sure you had sufficient money available to pay it?

I believe a direct debit can be retried later in the same day, although I don’t recall the specifics.

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Yep you’re right with everything you said. So this situation sounds odd.

I think the cutoff for this is 1pm :thinking:

Edit: it’s 2pm: Sauce

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Are you sure it’s a direct debit and not a continuous card payment? Did you get the greyed out feed item the day before?

Happened to me twice last month with direct debits despite sufficient money in the bills pot. Messaged Support and they think it was related to my CASS but can’t think why that would be the case. Agreed to monitor for next month and let them know if it happens again.

In my case it just took the money out of my main account even though they were both set to pay from the bills pot

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Yep it’s dd, it is my car battery lease

There was definitely enough money in the pot. I transfer enough to cover dd when I get paid

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I think this is what happened but I had bugger all in my main account as I am on holiday where most places are cash only

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Everything is paid from your main account. The only thing a Bills pot does is transfer the same amount of money from the Bills Pot to the main account to cover a designated payment, just before the payment is taken from the main account.

If you go to Payments → Scheduled and locate the specific scheduled payment, does the specific scheduled payment have a little icon at the top-right of the main icon? (or if you tap on the specific scheduled payment, does it say ‘Paid from… [insert Bills Pot name]’ under the ‘Cancel Direct Debit’ section?

Yes I know that but the funds were in the pot ready to transfer to the main, account and it didn’t.

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What error was given against the declined Direct Debit?

Today I learned what a battery lease is! :exploding_head:

And what was the result of the test described in the second part of my post?

It only said decline ed due to insufficient funds but I had funds in my Direct debit pot, enough to cover all of them for this month and next.

Is it definitely coming from that pot? Not another one?

All of my direct debits were set up to pay from this pot. It is not new and has been running the same for around 5 to 6 months.

I have now removed the pay from pot from all of the DD, but yes they had the correct pot selected

I only have 2 one for the round to pound saver and a DD and rent pot. I checked the dd were set up correctly and they all said it was the correct pot.

Will do this later when I have better Internet connection