Bill payments from pots unusable?


Currently, I have one direct debit payed from a pot. In the pot’s feed, the transaction shows as “Personal account £18.99”. If I set up all my monthly direct debits to come from the pot, how can I easily see who’s charging me for each transaction?

I can’t even click the transaction in the pot and be taken to the related transaction in my main account feed. I think the only thing I can currently do, is know the name of the merchant, then search for it in the main feed, but even this doesn’t work because the search returns unrelated transactions.

I’d like to be able to see the merchant both in the pot’s feed, and in the pot’s statement.

Seems like a silly question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer so far so any advice appreciated.

When you pay a direct debit from the pot it withdraws the money to your main balance (hense the “Personal account £18.99”) and then the direct debit is taken from there.

So if you look at your main feed you will see a credit of +£18.99 from your pot and then immediatly after you’ll see another payment where the company takes the £18.99.

I agree it’s a little messy and technically doesn’t “come from directly from the pot” but it is what it is :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the response Ordog. Maybe I should rephrase the topic to be slightly more inflammatory to get some more responses :slight_smile:

I understand that the payment is made from the main account, and I’m able to find the transaction there. But my point is, with many similar amounts coming from the pot, it will become super tedious to link each transaction from the pot to the real transaction in the main account and thus make it impossible to easily to see what each pot transaction relates to. If I search for the merchant, I currently get 5 different merchants in the results so that doesn’t seem feasible.

I hope I’m not coming across as a whining winger…I’ve used Monzo for over 5 years now and love it. I’d like to ditch my multiple other accounts, so wanted to know how others deal with this behaviour. It seems so fundamentally flawed that I would have thought there would be many threads about it, with many solutions - but I can’t find any! Perhaps I’m missing something simple?

I should also note that I’ll be upgrading to Monzo plus in 3 days and trust that card payments made from virtual cards will not suffer the same fate as direct debits, but it would be nice see the merchants to which direct debits are paid to in one place (like, inside the pot!).

The card payments only appear in the pot, not the main feed and aren’t searchable

I tend to ignore the entry in the bills pot and just go by what it says in the feed. If I want to know how much I paid to someone I check the feed

Huh…so to keep track of a ‘bills’ pot containing DD’s and virtual card payments, I’ll need to check both the main account feed and the pot itself?? I’m sure I’ll end up doing it anyway (in the hope that the usability will be improve in the future), but it does seem somewhat ‘broken’ right now. :man_shrugging:

This is a dreadful idea, now it just looks like you’re a troll. But I’m about to reply, so maybe it’s worked.

Bill pots are not broken.

It shows like this, so it’s very easy to see who you’re paying.

Click the pot, click manage and you’ll see everything coming from that pot and any virtual cards linked to them. Or go to payments and scheduled. It’s incredibly simple.

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Haha, yeah sorry, I definitely don’t want to come across trolly! That said, interaction is nice so thanks for the response. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree, “broken” is somewhat overstating it, but needing to go to 2 different screens to see what’s happened in your pot seems like…an area for improvement? And one which I’d imagined people would be talking about and would be “visible” or on the roadmap.

To explain my point; for direct debits, in your screenshot of the main account feed, I agree it’s easy to see the two transactions related to the DD, and who you’re paying.

For virtual card payments, which are not visible in the main account feed, you then need go to your pot to see them.

The Manage button looks great for future transactions, but for historical info (including statements) you need to look in two places. I’m definitely more interested in historical info.

I hope what I’m saying makes sense (and I’m not missing anything obvious and talking garbage). If it does make sense, does anyone know if it’s a roadmap item (or where the roadmap lives these days?)?

Your bills pot is just a holding area, you’re not paying anything from there by direct debit. It’s transferring it first. So your pot view is accurate, whether that’s £13 to pay your tv license or you taking out £100 to go and get drunk, the net result is the same and that’s how it shows.

The inverse is true for virtual cards that you need to go that pot, I think down the line this is how it will be. The direct debit ones won’t show a “double up” in the feed and all the info will be in the pot.

There’s been snippets mentioned on here about it and it is due an overhaul now there’s more complex products but there’s not a public facing roadmap anymore.