Pay from Pot - add transaction description

When a direct debit is paid from a pot, it would be really cool if a description was added identifying the transaction/payee that triggered the money leaving the pot.

I have a pot which all my bills/direct debits are paid from. I budget the amount into this account monthly to make sure the bills are always covered. Sometimes I make manual withdrawals from the pot for extra one-off bills. If I look through the pot transactions it’s just a bunch of amounts withdrawn to the main account, with no context for what they’re for. I can’t tell if it’s a routine direct debit or a manual payment I just forgot to add a description for. To see what a transaction was for I have to go to the main account, scroll down to find it and see what was paid out of the main account at that same time.

I notice with the new pot to pot feature it adds an automatic description saying “from pot X” or “to pot Y”. The same thing for direct debits from a pot would be awesome.

Hi. Welcome.

Direct debits aren’t actually paid from pots, they are paid from your main account, the in and out dance leads to not having the info like you’re describing.

There has been talk (for a fair while) that they would remove the extra steps and then that would mean you’d be able to see in the pot feed what it was removed for, but alas it’s not here yet.

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