Paying bills from pots

Hi all,

I’ve got a few direct debits which I’d like to start paying from a pot I’ve just setup but had a couple or queries.

  • Will the transaction still show in my main account statement when log onto monzo or only when I view the pot history?

  • At the moment these payments are set to repeating / predicted payments so that my available balance takes them into account. Should I switch off the “predicted payment” option for these if they are being paid via a pot ? Otherwise I presume my main balance will expect them to be debited as well as the pot balance

  • Finally if the pot doesn’t have enough money in it, will the money for the DD come out of my main account ?

Many thanks

They’ll show in the main transaction feed as well - the way this works behind the scenes is the moment before the bill goes out the money is transferred from your pot into the main account to pay for it. So in theory you get 2 transactions - the bill pot withdrawal & then the payment.

There is scope/talk of Monzo cleaning this up in the future.

Pay from pots only works with Direct Debits, I have mine set as recurring/scheduled payments and it therefore doesn’t impact on the summary budget I have set up. How this is set doesn’t affect where/how Monzo takes the money out.

Unless I’m not understanding what you’re asking with this one? :sweat_smile:


I understand thank you. I incorrectly thought it basically acted as another account so bills and payments debited from the pot would stay clear of the main account statement.

It currently looks like this @Ollie77 :

I’ve named my bills pot with the amount I need each month as a reminder :wink:

Doesn’t look like you’re quite sure about the amount though :smiley:


It was a rough guess when I first set it up and I haven’t bothered changing it since.

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You can have any Direct Debit, Standing Order or Scheduled payment (that you have set up such as a bank transfer) to be paid from a Bills pot - either a scheduled one-off or repeating. You can’t have a CPA paid from a Bills pot at this time - a CPA is a Continuous Payment Authority such as giving a company permission to charge your card (not your account). Such CPA’s are Amazon Prime, Netflix, Microsoft, Google, etc. subscriptions. They always come directly from your account without any top-ups from a pot.

I use my Bills pot by transferring a single, large amount from my main account into the designated Bills pot following a salary payment. This amount in the Bills pot is the same, or greater, than the calculated bills that are to be paid from the Bills pot. Effectively, I’ve ring-fenced the money needed to pay the bills and so the ‘Left-to-spend’ accurately shows me what I really have left to spend.

All my Scheduled payments that are set to be paid from the Bills pot are set to be a ‘Repeating payment’ and all the CPA’s that don’t get paid from the Bills pot are also set to be a ‘Repeating payment’. This ensures that the information shown in Summary is correct for both Bills pot and non-Bills pot too.

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