Which banks have coin pay in machines

I have a bunch of cash that I’d like to pay in - which banks have coin deposit machines?

I am trying to avoid all social contact, so I don’t want to go in to the post office or to a bank branch counter. So I’m specifically looking for a machine (and I’m happy to open a new account to do the deposit).

Natwest :slight_smile:

If you scroll down to Branches with coin deposit machines here :point_down:


Some Tesco’s have the coin star machines but of course you pay commission.


Metro bank make a big deal of their “‘magic money machines”

And When I banked with first direct (4 years ago) you were able to pay cash directly in using coin machines in HSBC branches.

So you can add metro bank, HSBC, first direct to the list


First Direct :open_mouth: I did not know this! I’ve used the notes machines in HSBC branches but never seen a coin machine

Not every HSBC has a coin machine, but some do.

My nearest branch only has note machines (and cheque express pay-in machines).


In the past I asked for money bags from any branch.

Then bagged it. Then they would simply weigh them to deposit.

Or look up online the weights to sort the coins by if you want with just kitchen scales.

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Very few now, I think. My city centre branch used to have one but they removed it a couple of years ago. Now they only have machines for paying notes in.