Paying in cash - no updates

Just wondering what’s going on with paying in cash…been a whole year now since I’ve had a current account and another year on top of that as a beta user.
I remember bringing the topic up at one of last years open offices, and there was talk of paying cash in to possibly the post office or another bank, but that was last October.
I am as cashless as they come, has to be good reason for me to take out cash, however receiving it is another thing. Something we can’t avoid. I am very lucky to have married the most awesome women, and we received a lot of cash presents but with no way to cash them in, except with another bank. Frankly, this isn’t good enough, especially a year down the line of the CA. I’m sure thousands others have the same complaints. This is one thing most other banks do this, including the biggest rival, Starling!
Can we expect it anytime soon or are we still going to require 2 accounts for the foreseeable future?


Problem with relying on 3rd parties is a lot will be out of Monzo’s control. They have a team on it, hopefully it’ll be better than using another bank as a partner

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According to Feathers you are part of an unknown (but presumably small sized) subset. Handling cash costs money and Monzo’s recent actions have all been about trimming costs. So I doubt if this will ever be actioned. There is a sizeable number of customers and staff (Tom included ) that cannot understand the use for cash and are building a bank that only has electronic transfers.

Not if you live outside of England (& Wales?). NatWest is pretty much non-existent in Scotland and Northern Ireland. So from my perspective, Starling is no better here. I hope when Monzo come up with their solution it is inclusive of the whole of the UK.


NatWest are a part of the RBS group.

Means us here in Northern Ireland can use the “Ulster Bank” which is NatWest here in N.I for cash deposits with Starling.

I agree that while I very rarely use Cash now, this still needs to be addressed by Monzo sooner rather than later.


I agree about a cashless future. Especially with the rise of of cashless transactions, but we would be kidding ourselves if we thought cash was going to disappear.

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Have you actually tried this? When I asked many months ago, I was told that Starling cash deposits only worked with NatWest, not any other RBS group banks. The closest I can find on the forum is this, but I was told this by Starling staff (in-app chat I think):

If you’ve been able to deposit at Ulster Bank, maybe it’s changed.

Honestly, I’ve never tried.

If youd like to send me £10 ill maybe try as an experiment for you? :sunglasses:

I still have my legacy bank (Danske) here in N.I and would just use this for cash deposits if and when I need.

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Why would you assume it’s a small number? I’d be personally surprised if it was, given the number of requests here.


I too would like to be able to pay cash straight into my Monzo bank instead of paying into Barclays Bank at the post office and transferring it over

Also lets not forget there are only 14k users on the forum (according to Monzo’s community page) and 975k live current accounts. It could be quite substantial.

We’re still working on it. It’s something that takes a very long while as behind the scenes, it’s an entirely new payments scheme we’re adding to support this. :slightly_smiling_face:


High street banks don’t make it easy to pay in cash either. they want you to count it and put it into little money bags. Banks like Metro have their own coin counters- much better.

I see so many people taking coin jars to supermarkets and being charged 10% by companies like Coinstar to sort coins out. No wonder they sit in draws, bottles and on the sides of tables everywhere!

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Never had any of these issues. The self service machines in Barclays do all the counting. Just fill em up with notes and coins. NatWest also have coin machines in branches.


No machines in any of the banks round here. I just get the kids to help me count and bag the coins, it’s educational


Oh really… from previous posts I know you’re from N.I also.

The 2 Danske banks I use (Omagh and Donegal Place in Belfast) both have an auto coin counter machine thingy, very handy.

Omagh isn’t far but I’m not lugging a bag full of coins on the bus. I’ll have to check Enniskillen next week but no one’s mentioned them having one. Do you need an account with them to use it?

Im not 100% sure but I’d assume so. Maybe worth giving the branch a call and checking

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I need this badly! Bored having to walk into a bank and then transfer the money over :confused:

Definitely still being worked on, and we should be able to provide a rough ETA fairly soon… Watch this space!