Paypoint Deposits - Can you pay in change?

Has anybody used a Paypoint to pay in change. Its not bronzes, just 5 and 10ps and a couple of 50s but its not quite £5 or £10 worth of each to take to a high street branch. I have used one Paypoint where they said round numbers only, but I would make it so. Maybe paying it in alongside a note would help. I could go to a coop to do it, maybe they’ll be a bit less fussy.

I would be using Monese where I have the ability to pay in without a charge for the month, but I presume acceptance would be the same with Monzo

Try it, I’m sure the person on the till will attempt to hold back the rage

Yes. I once deposited £5.48 in change. £1 was taken as charges and the rest was credited.

The difficult bit was them finding how to do the transaction in the first place. I remember they had to swipe my card rather than inserting it into their machine.

This was at a CoOp in May 2019.

Great I will try it soon. Stuck in at the moment but I’ll see how I get on. From the sounds the coop are the best bet. I was going to take a round numbers worth and leave a bit but I shan’t now.

Paypoint seems a bit inconsistent and with poor local training. I would take the whole amount, try to deposit the odd amount, and then if that fails for whatever reason, you have a Plan B without a wasted journey.

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Yeah I will segregate the change :joy:. If the Coop near where I have just moved are fine with it. I might pay for Monese classic for the year as its actually more convenient than paying in at the bank (where you would need set amounts in change). If I had it my way I’d pay in every last bit of change I had, but I may end up getting a reputation haha

Many bank branches now have coin machines you can just chuck your change into and it will just credit you account balance. No need for coin bags in those branches.

On a relatively small amount like yours, I suspect even the supermarket machines are cheaper than using Paypoint with Monzo

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Hello, it will be with Monese where I have classic for the month, so there won’t be a charge per transaction

Which banks have said change machines, my high street banks branches don’t

Well here is the feedback. They all seem to have a £10 minimum payment feature. Tried at a Coop, Select and Save and another independent. Not an issue, can pay in change just have to either make sure you have enough or have a tenner with you…

Why not just spend the change, rather than lose a chunk in fees paying it in to Monzo?

It’s with monese. I paid for classic for the month to get the card (only £1 more) , so no fees for paying in cash at a paypoint :+1:. Just posted it here as there is a forum, unlike monese

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