Getting rid of coins

My flat is coming down with coins, mostly small denominations. Any time I find myself with a load of coins in my pocket I take the ‘big’ denominations and put the smaller ones in a jar or something. ‘Big’ used to be 20p but now I’d maybe even put £1s in if I had too many.

I want to get rid of them and now that Monzo has the feature to pay in cash I think it’s a good time. I know I could technically rock up to some newsagents with a ton of them but I’d expect they wouldn’t take kindly to the idea, I’d rather get them all into notes first.

I’ve heard before of going to a bank but you have to count them yourself? And I’m unsure if they would do it considering I don’t bank with them. I’ve also heard of machines that count it for you that take a small commission but I’ve never seen one - I live in Glasgow.

Any thoughts, ideas or even alternative suggestions?

Just go to any Metrobank and use their coin machine, it is free for anyone to use.

My local Morrisons also has a coin machine. Pretty sure it’s free but I could be wrong.

go in to any bank ask for coin bags - bag them up and take them in, they give you notes - don’t think you need to use the bank for one off use - if you are doing it repeatedly they might not look too kindly on it :slight_smile:


The best tip is to save them in an old jar or container until you forget about them and the currency is no longer accepted.



That would be perfect. Where’s that if you don’t mind me asking?


Thanks for the tip but it doesn’t look like there’s in in Glasgow :confused:

That’s good to know at least! Haven’t seen one of those wee bags in years :joy:

It’s in Reading. Don’t know if it’s a national thing.

Ah okay, I know where there’s a big one actually so I’ll go check it out, thanks!

Just a heads up you usually need to have account with the bank to do this.


There are a few of these Coinstar coin counting machines around glasgow by the looks - they give you a receipt you can exchange for cold hard cash - they are usually at supermarkets.

They do charge a ridiculous fee of 11% though, so it’s probably a very last resort.

I try to use them at self service machines in supermarkets. You can usually part pay in cash then settle the balance with card.


Yeah I suppose because it’s so handy, still, a bit steep! I’m gonna try the bank method first of all with who I used to bank with and if that doesn’t work find one of those machines - thanks for the link!

I bag up coins and put them in Barclays at the post office. Santander only take 5 bags at a time so watch to see if there’s a limit where you take them

Some RBS have machines that count loose change, you do need an account with them though…

HSBC do too - or at least used to a few years ago in London. Probably the only thing I miss about them.

My local high street bank has bulk coin deposit machines where you just dump your coin In and it sorts it, I just do that then transfer to Monzo.

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The HSBC on Buchanan Street has coin deposit machines, but as you say, you’d need an account with them.

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Been there - done that :smirk:

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